November 01, 2011

She Picked a Twizzler?!

Until recently, I was a major chocoholic (chocaholic?!). My mom loved chocolate, so, naturally, I loved it, too. This, of course, became an issue around first grade when we learned I was allergic to caffeine (although now-a-days, doctors would say I have an "intolerance," not an allergy). Over the years I learned how much I could eat without becoming sick.
I used to need chocolate on hand at all times. I would buy bags of the miniature chocolate bars so if I had a craving I could cure it. One little mini and I was good. Two made  my stomach hurt. I can't remember the last time I wanted chocolate, so it has been quite some time since we've had bags of mini chocs in the house.
Last night was a chocoholics dream... Halloween. Almost every house gave out chocolate. My girls surprised me. Early in the day they said "If we're really good can we have one piece of candy after we trick or treat?" One?! Yes. When we came home I let them go through their buckets and pick out one piece of candy. Tortilla picked a mini box of Milk Duds (mmmmm), Sue Sue picked an mini Almond Joy (ick, coconut?), Roo picked a mini Twix (my fav, especially when frozen) and Cakes picked a Twizzler. What?! Heck no. I told her to pick something better. There's nothing wrong with Twizzlers. When I was pregnant and not really keeping down anything I could keep down Twizzlers. But honestly, if you're shown 50+ pieces of candy and told to pick one, why would you pick a Twizzler?! Cakes picked again and decided on a Twix. Good girl. Unfortunately, as I went through the candy bags I realized they had received two, count 'em TWO Twix and those were just eaten by Roo and Cakes. Sigh. Well, at least Hubby has a plethora of his favorite... Almond Joy.
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Stephanie Barr said...

I'd take black licorice over almost any chocolate candy you could name. Unfortunately, the red licorice is far more common.

MaryAnne said...

Only two Twix?!

My kids shockingly didn't ask to eat ANY candy last night after trick or treating. Made up for it today, though...

Quadmama said...

I found a third Twix today and promptly confiscated it. It's now in the freezer just waiting for me!

Heather said...

I'm a twix girl myself...and somehow learned they are one of the worst candy bars out there, information that hasn't deterred me in the least, even though it should have. I've already confiscated some of my kids' twix bars. Lucky for me they don't like chocolate yet. The only thing they both really like are M&M's.

reanbean said...

I can't believe you made her pick again! Too funny!

Our trick-or-treating was cancelled due to lingering storm issues (it's 4 days later as we STILL don't have power), so T&B only went to 4 or 5 houses around their grandparents' neighborhood. They both chose to eat a mini kitkat yesterday, but otherwise have not asked to have any of their candy. We'll trick-or-treat on Saturday (our town's make up day), and hopefully get a few yummy treats (for them and us!). But just in case things don't work out, T and I always buy a bag of our favorites (Twix and Heath) that we don't pass out to enjoy throughout November. :o)

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