November 17, 2011

I Waited Too Long

Christmas shopping has been fairly stress-free this year. I've been using the gift cards I racked up through Swagbucks, so we aren't really paying for much. But, as luck has it, the one item Tortilla wants is becoming impossible to find.
She wants an Easy Bake Ultimate Oven. She's already talking about how we will no longer need to buy birthday cakes because she will make them all. I had it "saved" in  my cart through Amazon, but, apparently I'm a little too thrifty.  As I waited to see if the price would drop below $39.99 closer to Black Friday, it suddenly was out of stock. Now it's back on the site for.... wait for it... $52. (The other day it was $63!) I am not shelling out that much for a pretend oven, even if you can make cakes and pretzels in it. I don't care if my gift cards would cover the $52. Not doing it. Kohl's doesn't carry it. Toys R Us was out. I ordered the oven from another retailer, and if the price on Amazon drops, I'll return the other one. These cakes better be delicious!


Lauren said...

Aye!They better be delicioso!

MaryAnne said...

I am showing my husband this post so that he will understand my obsession with buying Christmas gifts in advance!!! He is always asking why I can't just leave it all to the week before =)

Writer Lady said...

Life will continue if she doesn't get that oven. Why not show her how to make cake from a cake mix and put it in the pan. You can do the oven stuff. Then she can ice it. It's really more fun.

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