November 22, 2011

Apparently They've Missed the Library

For whatever reason, kindergarten students at our school are not allowed to check out books from the library. This disappointed me because I remember how much fun library day was each week when I was in school. We have a nearby public library, which we used to visit quite a bit. With school, however, we just haven't had time.
The other day I mentioned the possibility of going to the library since school is out all this week. My girls were thrilled. Then I decided to capitalize on their excitement. Want to go to the library? Your rooms have to be clean. 
It worked like a charm. They cleaned their rooms without complaint. They purged the stuffed animals from their beds (one of them had at least 20 toys on her bed) and even crawled under their beds to retrieve books and more toys. Then one of the girls said "I bet we have to clean the entire downstairs, too, if we want to go to the library." They were game, so the house is in decent shape!
We'll be heading to the library soon to find some books and movies to keep all of us occupied this week.


MaryAnne said...

Way to capitalize on their excitement! Emma does get to check out one book per week, and it's a highlight of being in kindergarten for her, even though we go to our town library every week too. What a shame your school won't let kindergarteners check out books.

reanbean said...

What a great way to get your house cleaned! Hopefully the girls found some good books and movies to enjoy this week (and hopefully those books and movies will keep them busy so you can do what you need to do this week).

We were regulars at storytime for the last two years, but now that the kids are in preschool, we hardly get to the library at all. I'm able to order books online and heve them held for me at the circulation desk, so we still check out books fairly regularly. But it's nothing compared to the experience they used to have.

I can't wait until they're old enough to get their own library cards (not sure what the age is, but I'm sure itn's not 3.5). That will definitely be a Kodak moment day for me!

Quadmama said...

I still put things on hold, but it's mainly movies for movie night (and books for me to read while I'm waiting to pick them up from school). This was definitely a new experience... they're reading sentences!!!!! (I steered them toward easy readers).

Writer Lady said...

Every day you become more clever at being a mama. I too remember what fun going to the library was.

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