January 18, 2012

Too Much on My Plate

Over the last few days I've come to the conclusion that I have too much going on and something has to give. I recently accepted a new job (Yay!!!) and I'm thrilled. I'll be working as a Special Education Paraprofessional in our local school district's preschool program. The best part is that I'll be working at my daughters' elementary school. For now I'm only working in the morning session, so I still have to work a few days a week at my retail job. It's a foot in the door, though, so I'm very excited about this new chapter. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to keep up with this blog. I'm hoping I can simply take a few weeks off of blogging, clear my head, figure out my new routine and get back into things. We'll see!

January 05, 2012

The Organizing Has Begun

I'm slowly but surely get our house back in order after the chaos of Christmas. All of our decorations are put away (except for a few lights) and the tree is ready to go back in the basement. (My allergies prevent me from having a real tree, much to Hubby's disappointment). Hubby and I spent most of the past weekend sorting and organizing the girls' toys. During a visit to Target, I checked out an organizer that I had been eyeing online. Hubby and I talked it over and decided to buy it... and when I went back it was on sale!
It may  not look like much, but this has made a huge difference. Since all the "little things" now have a place to go, it's so much easier to keep the toys organized. (We have the stuffed animals in large tubs and the dress up clothes in mesh totes). The girls understand that things need to be put back in their proper places and (so far) they've been really good about putting things away. Hubby set up the storage rack while I was at work, so I have to keep asking my daughters where certain items go!
Now I'm on somewhat of a cleaning frenzy. I'm trying to tackle one room/area at a time. We never seem to have time to organize, so it's easy to wind up with clutter. My goal over the next few weeks (yes, it's going to take that long. No, we're not hoarders) is to tackle all the areas that we keep saying we'll get to when we have time. Wish me luck!