January 05, 2012

The Organizing Has Begun

I'm slowly but surely get our house back in order after the chaos of Christmas. All of our decorations are put away (except for a few lights) and the tree is ready to go back in the basement. (My allergies prevent me from having a real tree, much to Hubby's disappointment). Hubby and I spent most of the past weekend sorting and organizing the girls' toys. During a visit to Target, I checked out an organizer that I had been eyeing online. Hubby and I talked it over and decided to buy it... and when I went back it was on sale!
It may  not look like much, but this has made a huge difference. Since all the "little things" now have a place to go, it's so much easier to keep the toys organized. (We have the stuffed animals in large tubs and the dress up clothes in mesh totes). The girls understand that things need to be put back in their proper places and (so far) they've been really good about putting things away. Hubby set up the storage rack while I was at work, so I have to keep asking my daughters where certain items go!
Now I'm on somewhat of a cleaning frenzy. I'm trying to tackle one room/area at a time. We never seem to have time to organize, so it's easy to wind up with clutter. My goal over the next few weeks (yes, it's going to take that long. No, we're not hoarders) is to tackle all the areas that we keep saying we'll get to when we have time. Wish me luck!


MaryAnne said...

Good luck! I'm working on that as well!

And how awesome to find that rack on sale!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We bought that same organizer back in October, and it's been great. We actually bought another one last week (on sale, too!). I was tired of having the little toys in the bins, but some of the larger toys in separate boxes / bags. Now we have two of the big tubs with MegaBloks, one of the big tubs with some dress-up stuff like purses and hats...we even have a couple of empty bins! Everything is off the floor now with only a couple of exceptions. It makes me feel so much better! And as you said, our girls seem to play with their toys better...and having an organizational system does seem to help them stay organized (at least a little more).

I'm also hoping to make strides in other areas. I'm so tired of STUFF! I know it's easy to say and hard to do...but I would so love to get rid of stuff I don't truly love. Oh, and if my great aunt happens to read this comment, PLEASE stop giving me STUFF, too! Hahaha!!!

Good luck!

Quadmama said...

It's so hard to say no to people when they want to help by giving us things, but we've reached a point where we will say "We will NEVER use this so please don't give it to us!"

reanbean said...

Looks great! I've seen that organizer many times and I so wish that we had room for one in our house. It looks like it really does do a great job keeping all the little toys contained.

Dee said...

You're off to a great start!!!I'm 31 weeks pregnant with #6 and need to start getting it together around here!

sarah said...

Perhaps that day will cod me when my youngest boy, Red, who has autism will learn to be organize , rather get used to having an organized room than having a room looking like "Hurricane Katrina" had been there. I was told that by the age of 12, kids with autism will learn to mellow down.He will be turning 8 years old this March. And I am crossing my fingers.

Btw, thanks for the follow.

the ebay lady said...

Your blog is very insperational! I can hardly handle my 2, how you do it with 4, whew, Im exhausted just thinking of it. Anyway, I am new to blogger, and I just started my own blog. I just followed you and hoping you'll follow back :)

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