October 31, 2011

They Have Their Daddy's Sense of Humor

Hubby and I do not share the same sense of humor. What he finds hysterical, I might think "eh" and vice versa. He, however, is always making jokes and fancies himself a true comedian. Often times he'll tap a fake microphone and question "Is this thing on?" when I fail to double over at his jokes. Sometimes he actually is pretty funny, but our girls are apparently inheriting his questionable humor. Here are the recent gems I have been treated to:

  • "We're going faster than a one legged goat." (I have no idea what inspired one of my girls to say this. I actually found it quite funny, simply because it makes no sense).
  • "I'm sweating more than a turkey at Thanksgiving."
The list goes on and on. I really need to start writing these things down. At least they're starting to understand the concept of "funny" and "jokes." In the past I was treated to endless knock knock jokes that went something like this: 

  • "Knock knock"
  • "Who's there?"
  • "Gorilla"
  • "Gorilla who?
  • "I want to go swimming"
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reanbean said...

Over the summer, we bought popsicles that had a joke printed on each stick. My kids love hearing them and laugh out loud to each one, even though they don't really get why they are funny. They've recently enjoyed sharing (or attempting to share) jokes with others. They usually don't tell them right and/or they make no sense, but it's lots of fun watching them play around with words as they try to figure out what makes something funny.

Glad I'm not too late to enter your giveaway. I'm heading over right now!

MaryAnne said...

That last joke is funny just because it's such a non sequitur =)

Lauren said...

"I'm sweating more than a turkey at Thanksgiving."

Now thats Funny! I am going to use that!

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