October 11, 2011

Four Little Miss Independents

I was fairly "strict" about what my daughters could wear to preschool. They could choose, but only from certain items. No dresses (too much running around and sitting on the floor), no short shorts, and nothing too nice. Too many outfits came home with paint or marker that wouldn't come off. I've definitely relaxed now that the girls are in kindergarten. There aren't as many marker and paint projects, so their clothes don't risk being ruined. If they want to wear dresses, they, at their request, wear leggings or shorts underneath. 
My daughters love picking out their clothes for school. We do it the night before, mainly to avoid meltdowns if a favorite outfit is unavailable. I'm pretty sure Tortilla has worn a dress or skirt to school all but two or three days. My biggest issue now is that I don't want the teachers to think we only have two or three outfits. You see, every time I do laundry, my daughters automatically pick their favorite outfits again... which means if I were to let them they could wear the same outfit to school two or three times in one week! We've had a big talk about how you have to have some variety in your wardrobe. I've tried putting the newly washed items at the bottom of the clean clothes pile, but that doesn't seem to stop them from digging through their drawers. 
It has actually been fun to see them express themselves through clothes. Some days I can tell what kind of mood their in by the clothes they pick. For instance, if Tortilla picks pants, I know she's grumpy.
I still have one rule: no dressy shoes for school. Between the two classes I can't keep track of who has gym class on which day (each class goes three times a week). Dresses? Yes.... as long as their worn with tennis shoes.


MaryAnne said...

I insist on tennis shoes to. Gym day or not, there's still the playground...

Emma wears the same clothes over and over, too, no matter what I do.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

It's so cool to think about seeing your girls' personalities and moods through the clothes they choose.

I had to laugh at the thought of rotating only 2 or 3 outfits, though. My hubby is a teacher (not that that really matters...but I can only imagine what his students say!)...and he is so guilty of that! He washes his school clothes at least a couple of times a week. He's terrible to wear the same shirt twice in a week, I know, maybe even three times on occasion!

Before the girls were born I used to be able to keep up with him a little better, but I just don't have the mental capacity for that these days. :) I try to rotate his shirts, which helps a bit, but he's a sucker for the same few ones. HA!

mmunford2000 said...

Just a thought...perhaps you can lay out their clothes for the week on Sunday. Have them help if you want! The caveat is that the ones they wore this week are in the dirty clothes so that forces them to pick different ones. I know easier said than done. I do this with my kids clothes. The catch is that you have to have two weeks worth....one week dirty and one week clean at the same time :)

Writer Lady said...

I had a rule: no nylons or heels until Jr. High and I had mothers actually chid me for being so mean. I don't think it matters what they wear in grade school so long as it's clean, in reasonably good shape, and fit for running around on the playground. Too soon we allow ourselves clothing that restricts what we do.

Writer Lady said...

I just lot my comments. I said that a child shouldn't wear nylons, heels, or clothing that restricts them in any way until they're in Jr. High - at which time they do a sea change and become someone you only vaguely recognize anyway.

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