May 31, 2011

You Bowl Me Over

Every time I think about bowling, I start singing "Score Tonight" from Grease 2. Call it a cheesy movie, heck, even a terrible movie, but I loved it. So last week, I was on singing overdrive because the girls and I went bowling.
I signed up for a work-related bowling function and let the girls tag along. It turned out they were allowed to bowl with the group, too, much to their delight. All I can say is thank goodness for "bumpers." They would have bowled endless gutter balls without them. The lightest ball I could find for them was still somewhat heavy, so most of their bowling consisted of "granny rolls" through their legs. By the end, though, Tortilla was running toward the line and launching the ball. I could embarrass myself by saying Tortilla's score for her second game tied my score for my first game. Instead, I have been saying "Wow! She bowled such a great game that she tied my score!" 
It's not easy to be outbowled by a five-year-old. The score monitor tells you how fast the balls are going. Most of the time, my girls got their bowling balls to go about two to three miles an hour!
I didn't take pictures. I wanted to, but I was too busy chasing stray bowling balls that the girls would occasionally drop... or helping them with their "form" to speed up the process.
We definitely had a lot of fun. They were so excited to tell Hubby all about their adventure. Unfortunately, it's a fairly expensive form of entertainment, once you factor in lane fees and shoe rental fees. I found some local alleys that offer "free" bowling for kids during the summer, but you still have to pay for shoe rental, which would end up costing us about $25 each time. Still, I think this could be a fun "treat" for the girls every now and then.


Sarah said...

Glad to hear that they enjoyed it so much!

MaryAnne said...

I'm impressed with Tortilla's bowling.

I am terrible at bowling. I always tell people that, and then they are shocked at how bad I really am. At least the two or three times I've been. I still think it's fun, but if it's competitive nobody would want me on their team! I bet Tortilla would have out-scored me =)

reanbean said...

That's so great! I remember loving bowling with my family when I was a kid. I'm not particularly good at it, but still, it was always fun. My town's family group has a bowling event planned for later this month (I think), and I was thinking about taking the kids. I'm not sure they could handle the big ball bowling, but maybe candlepin...

(p.s. anytime someone mentions Grease 2, all I can think about is that Reproduction song. "Where does the pollen go?" hee hee hee)

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