May 04, 2011

I Definitely Have Girls

While my daughters aren't always pink-loving, doll-playing, princess worshiping girls (who am I kidding? They love those things!), they are certainly girls to the core. I used to be able to buy them shorts in the boy's department. Why would I do that? Because for whatever reason, denim boy shorts tend to be cheaper than denim girl shorts. Unfortunately, last summer there were two pairs of shorts my girls refused to wear because they looked like "boy shorts." OK, they were boy shorts, but to me they simply looked like cute denim shorts.
My stepmom used to be able to buy second-hand shoes for any gender and my girls would wear them. (Yes, I've heard that you shouldn't wear second-hand shoes, but toddler shoes are usually in pristine condition, and until you have to find footwear for four kids and not break the bank, you can't judge). Sometime last year, my daughters refused to wear any dark colored shoe. I truly think I could have bought them dark blue shoes from the girl's department and they still would have refused. In their mind, shoes need to be pink and/or light up. Any dark shoes must have a character on them. The good news is since they wouldn't wear the boy tennis shoes, I managed to sell them all at the last sale for my moms of multiples club.
I used to be able to send my daughters to school in jeans that had holes in the knees. There are just two weeks left of school. I'm not buying new jeans until the new school year starts. Some of their jeans have acquired holes in the knees. This leads to tears, yes, tears from the sister chosen to wear the "holey" jeans. (I tried to avoid the tears this morning, by letting one of them wear leggings instead. That was a whole new ball of drama. Instead of one crier, I had three... the ones not wearing leggings). When my daughters are teens and expect me to throw down $55 (or more) for pre-ripped jeans, I will remind them of their aversion to holey jeans in their youth.
Yes, my daughters are only 5 and they already have a clear sense of what is fashionable and what is not. I really have  my work cut out for me in the years to come!


MaryAnne said...

Lily is only one, and already she wants only pink, and you should see the fits she throws when I make her take off her "Hello Kitty" dresses - especially on the unfortunate days when neither dress is clean and ready to change into!

I always bought Emma's shoes second-hand as a toddler, there are always people selling who bought their kid twenty pairs or so and so the used ones are barely worn!

Quadmama said...

I know as they get older I'll have to spring for new shoes... actually right about now. But when they were younger there were so many brand new "second hand" options to choose from.

Brooke said...

I let my son (5) dress himself, which makes the morning a little easier, though he does wear some rather strange outfits! I get as much second-hand as possible -- might be worth looking on eBay, I got his entire winter woredrobe, including snowpants, boots, a coat and jamies, for $80 and had a coupon for free shipping. Good luck!

Holly Ann said...

So funny to read this as I kept thinking, "My three year old son is my high-maintenance kid!" I'm not kidding. The child throws a fit if his outfit doesn't match according to his standards (pants or shorts must match top). It's so crazy. I'll remember this when he's a teenager and wears the same shirt 2 days in a row. lol

reanbean said...

Good think you'll have this post to point them back to when you refuse to buy the jeans with the holes!

My Tiny is the same way when it comes to clothes. The one plus for us, though, is that she loves to wear hand-me-downs from kids she knows, especially J, a 5 year old who lives across the street. So if she's resisting something that I want her to wear, I'll tell her that I think it might have come from J. Then there's not problem.

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