May 25, 2011

Pardon My Rant

I am so tired of rain! In the last two weeks I think we have had two days of sunshine. Two. TWO!!! Yes, we need rain. Our sprinkler system has been on the fritz and finally was fully repaired on Saturday. This rain helped us avoid an HOA fine for yellow grass. I appreciate the rain, but I need some sun! We're all cranky. We're all experiencing cabin fever. The second I spot the sun, I force my girls to go outside. The other day, I could tell rain was moving in, so I made them go outside for an hour. They came in about 10 minutes before the storm started. I know it's not technically summer, but it's only 47 here today. I need sun.  I need warm weather!!!
(Thank you to those of you who continue to vote for Buried in Laundry to be included in the Top 25 Parents With Multiples List by Circle of Moms. You can vote once every 24 hours through May 30!)


MaryAnne said...

It is FINALLY nice here today, so hopefully you get nice weather soon as well!

reanbean said...

Those were my thoughts exactly last week. We've had a very cold and rainy spring. Finally today we had sunshine and mid-70s. It was heavenly. I hope you get some sunshine soon!

Brooke said...

I hear ya! We were so stir crazy today I moved all the rugs and some furniture to let the boys do laps around the house on their scooters. Can't wait for summer!

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