May 23, 2011

More Fun with Milk Jugs

Ever since Hubby's milk jug game was a hit, we've been saving up jugs. I wanted to do our own version of Bozo's Grand Prize Game. (Did I date myself by admitting I know what that is?!) Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Hubby my plans. Yesterday I ran a few errands and came home to this:
 Whatever keeps them entertained!
(Thank you to those of you who have been voting for Buried in Laundry to be on the Top 25 Parents with Multiples List by Circle of Moms. You can continue to vote once every 24 hours through May 30).


MaryAnne said...

Too funny! I'm sure you'll have more milk jugs soon =)

reanbean said...

That is so, so funny! Are they supposed to be anything in particular?

And I LOVED the Grand Prize Game. I always hoped I'd be chosen as the at-home player, but didn't understand that I had to actually submit something have a chance to be chosen. Silly me!

Quadmama said...

From left to right, they are I don't know, a "spaceman," "a monster," and a panda bear!

Becky said...

AW!!! What a creative fun daddy!!!! :D

The Tiny Team said...

Pretty darn cute!


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