May 10, 2011

The Problem With Shorts

The last few days have been nice and warm here. We're breaking out the summer clothes and I'm thankful there are only a few days before the end of school. (Side note: we start mid-August and get out in mid-May). Why am I glad school is almost over? Because apparently shorts for 5-year-olds might as well be Daisy Dukes.
I ended up convincing my daughters that it was chilly this morning and that they had to wear pants to school. Why? Because I couldn't find any shorts I deemed "school-appropriate." It's not that my daughters have a suggestive or inappropriate wardrobe. It's just that when you factor in dress codes, I just don't know if their shorts will make the grade. I don't even know if the administration would send home preschoolers for having "short shorts." I decided not to risk it. Their shorts are cute, but most likely too far above the knee to be considered something they should wear to school.
Take a look at your local retail store. From the "girl" section to the "junior department," most of the shorts are pretty short. While working at my retail job recently, I had a dad ask me "So where are the shorts that I can buy for my daughter?" I think we finally found some bermudas.
Four days left of school. I think I can find enough in their closets to get by. Fortunately, tomorrow is "Pajama Day" at school, so I don't have to worry about shorts! 
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MaryAnne said...

I share your frustration!

I voted for you, good luck!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

At 28 months, I am not quite facing that issue yet with my girls, but I can certainly see where you're coming from. The shorts I've bought my girls - little knit ones mostly for play - are pretty short. I wouldn't think twice about taking them to get ice cream wearing such, but - fast-forwarding a couple of years with even preschool in mind - I think I'd be thinking the same as you.

For the girls' "outfits" this year, I bought a number of longer knit tops with capri-length leggings. They also have several pairs of woven capri pants / bermuda shorts.

On a related note, I was browsing at Tar.get a week or so ago, and saw an awful lot of shorter shorts in my size. No, thanks! Guess I'll be wearing capris and sundresses, too! HA!

Christina said...

The shorts out there nowadays are ridiculous! I won't wear them, and neither will my kids.

Quadmama said...

I pretty much only wear capris. As Mandy E pointed out, even the shorts for women are SHORT!

Jen said...

I could not agree more. I bought all my kids clothes for this summer at the end of the season last year but when I pulled them out last week I noticed all the girls shorts were SO short. I am now looking for some capris. Thank goodness I bought them several dresses. I guess they can wear their shorts under them!

Joy said...

I had that problem of finding shorts for work. I finally found some at all places Costco. I work in a warehouse it gets hot but this middle aged lady goes for comfort not looks. Ladies, you might also try out the men sections for shorts,they would be the same as low rider shorts in the womens and often lower priced.

Melissa Ann said...

It use to be that your shorts had to reach your finger tips, but they don't make them that long any more. I got lucky and have a mom who sews. She's got some inexpensive cotton and has been making lots of school appropriate shorts.

Quadmama said...

You should see how many young girls are at the store where I work seeing if the shorts, dresses and skirts pass the finger tip test. I'm amazed at how many don't!

reanbean said...

I know what you mean. I think this has been a problem for a while. I remember shopping with my mother the summer before I entered high school and being uncomfortable with how short all the shorts were. I seem to remember choosing more dresses that year.

Tiny definitely has and wears shorts that I think are way too short. But I try to reserve them for the hottest days and use the capris, bermuda shorts, and skorts to get through the rest.

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