May 17, 2011

Fun With Milk Jugs

We go through approximately four gallons of milk a week. I try to save juice as a treat and water is for "in between meals" (which they can get for themselves from our fridge dispenser), so milk is something we drink a lot of. The jugs normally go straight to the recycling bin... until Hubby came up with a fun game.
He started saving milk jugs and told our girls it was for "a game." What's the game? Well, he wouldn't tell them until he had four empty (and clean) jugs. It didn't take them long to reach that goal. 
When the time came, Hubby cut the top half off the jugs and turned them into "ball catchers."
 Don't mind her outfit. It was a rainy, gloomy, I'm-not-going-out-there kind of day, so they all chose to wear gymnastics outfits. Which also explains why we tested out the game inside.
The girls initially wanted to use their Zoobles to play the game. They received these toys when then went to McDonald's with my in-laws during our recent date night. It quickly became clear that while Zoobles are round, unless you want to break them you really shouldn't treat them like a ball. Fortunately, we own "Gator Golf," so we used the balls from that game to test out our new milk jug game.
Chucking balls from milk jugs inside isn't really a good idea. We found this out when Sue Sue launched hers, but instead of going to one of her sisters to catch, it went flying backward over her head and into a wall.
 (A little side note: while I try not to show my daughters' full identities in pictures, that wasn't what happened here. Call this an "action shot." I had a cute picture all framed in the lens of her smiling... and then she moved and the battery died. Oh well. You get the idea).
Hubby quickly came up with a modified version. Instead of throwing the ball, they all sat on the floor and rolled it to one another, catching it in their milk jugs. This game went on, and on, and on... Let's just say there were protests when I tried to claim two girls for a shower.
Fortunately, yesterday was a sunny day, so the girls headed outside and put the game to good use. I've already Googled other games we can make with all the milk jugs we go through!
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MaryAnne said...

I love both versions of this game! Time to start saving milk jugs =)

Meg said...

I have code for Blogger that you can add to the "design" of your blog to protect pictures from right-clicks. I'll email you that this afternoon if you want. You can also watermark your pictures (I've done it in the basic Paint program, and in Photoshop) to help add a little bit more protection.

This is a GREAT game! We recycle our milk jugs too, but this a great way to reuse them. And will definitely keep my girls occupied for some time. :) Thanks!! :)

Christina said...

That is a good idea! Im so not creative lol. ;)

UpperBottom said...

hi, first time visitor here! this is awesome- thanks for sharing! we go through quite a bit of milk also.

nice meeting you.


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