May 20, 2011

I Guess I'm Just a Mean Mom

In the last ten days we have had very little sunshine. We have had lots of rain, along with some hail and tornado warnings. It has been chilly and overcast. We  have been cooped up in the house. 
Today there is finally a break. The temperatures are mild, though nowhere near as warm as they should be for May. The sun is making a debut. The grass and our swing set is wet, but I told my girls to put on their shoes and a jacket because they need to go outside for some fresh air. One of my daughters dissolved in tears. She did not want to go outside. Too bad. I told her she had to stay outside for at least 10 minutes. It has been 20 and she shows no signs of wanting to come in! Yep. I'm a big meanie.
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MaryAnne said...


We've had the same rain, although no tornado warnings. I am very ready for the sun to shine again!

Voted =)

Meg said...

LOL. You're so mean. ;)

Writer Lady said...

It's important to be a mean mom now and then. Otherwise they wouldn't have known how refreshing it was to be outside. Good work.

reanbean said...

We've also had what seems to be an unusually cold and rainy spring- a huge disappointment after being buried under many feet of snow all winter. My guys are chomping at the bit for some quality outside time in the sun. Hopefully it will come soon.

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