December 01, 2009


At age four are my daughters still toddlers? I don't know, but I've dubbed some of the hilarious things they say to me as "Toddlerisms."

Me: Do you remember what the dentist said?
Sue Sue: Don't suck your thumb.
Me: OK, so please stop.
Sue Sue: But then my thumb will be cold.

Cakes: Mommy Mommy! She used the potty. She gets a sticker! (referring to a visitor)
Me: No, honey, she's a grown up. She doesn't get stickers.
Cakes: Oh.... because she pooped and she gets candy instead??

I've been working with Roo on "sm-" words (smell, smoke, smash, etc) because she tends to leave off the "s." We have some flash cards from her speech therapist.
Me: What is this?
Roo: Smile
Me: How about this?
Roo: Smash
Me: This one?
Roo: S..... little
Guess we need to work on "small."

Me: (singing "Jingle Bells") Laughing all the way... ha ha ha
Tortilla: Mommy, we don't say ha ha.
Me: It's part of the song, honey, we're just laughing, not being mean.
Tortilla: Well that's a naughty song.


LauraC said...

I think they're called preschoolers now!
I love the "we don't say ha ha." We are working on "we don't say whatever."

Stephanie B said...

I remember reading about Helen Keller and they explained what the word alone meant to her. Later, when she was going somewhere with a friend, her teacher asked if she was going A-L-O-N-E. "No," she signed back, "I'm going altwo."

Not a toddlerism, but it always struck me as funny.

Quadmama said...

Preschoolers? Yeah, ok, I'll give them that label. Whatever. (Sorry, just had to throw that in there).
Love the altwo reference.

Becky said...

I can't imagine how FUN it must be times 4 :)

Quadmama said...

Some days it's funnier than others.

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