December 10, 2009

Popular Daddy

With his new work schedule, Hubby had time yesterday to volunteer in our daughters' classroom. You would have thought he was Santa Claus, based on the stories I've heard. Throughout the morning little girls were clamboring to sit on his lap... including our four girls who were slightly miffed that they had to "share" Daddy. Little boys begged him to make Play-doh shapes during indoor recess. One little girl insisted on holding Hubby's hand on the walk to the front of the school for pickup and almost missed her bus because she didn't want to part ways with Hubby and walk with the bus kids.
It would be easy to say these kids are starved for attention or need a good male role model. I don't think that's the case. I've seen lots of dads picking up their kids, attending holiday parties at school, etc. Still, the dads seem to always be considered more fun than the moms. During the Thanksgiving party, one dad was sitting in the book nook reading to his son... suddenly every boy in the class and one of my girls, circled around him to hear the story. There were other parents reading books, but it was the dad who was the most popular.
Hubby is goofy and can be a kid himself at times, which explains why he relates so well to preschoolers. I'm glad he had a good time in school and I know the teacher is looking forward to his return.


Stephanie B said...

Both my ex and my current husband tend to be child magnets. Kids like me, too, but there's something about a guy who lets loose with legos or gets into the mud puddle with everyone else that instantly appeals.

I'm also of the opinion that children often have better instincts than we think they do.

Quadmama said...

When I volunteered in the classroom some of the girls in class wanted to sit with me, but with Hubby I think they liked the fact that he got into their school songs, played with them, etc.

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