March 24, 2011

She Knows What She Wants

Ever since Cakes got her ears pierced on Saturday, I have been waging a battle with Sue Sue. She really wants her ears pierced. She does not want to stop sucking her thumb.
In the beginning, I thought she would be the first to break the habit. She tried. She really, really tried. One night, she asked if she could stop wearing her sock mittens. I agreed. That night she sucked her thumb in her sleep. I gave her a second chance... she did it again.
After Cakes got her ears pierced, I put Sue Sue back in the sock mittens. I only put it on her thumb sucking hand. She sucked the other thumb in her sleep. I put a sock on both hands. She took them off in her sleep. Last night I had to work. I told Hubby to safety pin Sue Sue's sock mittens to her pajamas. Unfortunately, he chose a "short sock." She managed to get her thumb out of the sock and was sucking it when I came home from work. I would chalk this up to something she's unaware of while she sleeps... except when I related this story to her this morning she had a small smirk on her face.
I'm willing to continue this battle until I win. I give her encouragement and don't say or do anything to make her feel bad (even if I think she's aware of what she's doing). Eventually I'll win... and she'll get her ears  pierced.


MaryAnne said...

I'm sure you'll get there soon - hopefully very soon!

Melissa Ann said...

I know its horrible, but I had a friend who told her daughter if she didn't quit sucking her thumb it would turn black and fall off. In the middle of the night she colored her daughters thumb black with a marker. It worked, but I'm sure there was some psychological trauma involved. I tried it with my boys when they picked their nose and had good results, but I'm not sure how this would work with multiples.

Quadmama said...

Oh my goodness!!! (I may have to try that if this continues LOL!!)

reanbean said...

Hmmmm... sounds like a tricky situation. But it also sounds like you're on the right track. You will win!... And she will get her ears pierced someday. :o)

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