March 07, 2011

No Room to Be Spontaneous

Being spontaneous is hard to do when you have more than one child, multiples or not. Everyone expects a turn, no matter how silly it might seem. If I am talking with one of my daughters and give her a hug, everyone wants a hug. OK, that's not a bad thing. But if one of my girls does something silly and I pick her up and spin her around, everyone wants to be spun around. Doing these things four-times over is really starting to take a toll on my back!
Last night it started snowing while Hubby was grilling dinner. The girls were concerned that Daddy would get his hair wet. He jokingly picked up one of the girls, put her on his head and said "Well, I guess I'll go out with my hat so I don't get wet." Of course, three other "hats" needed to have a turn. 
There have been times that we have had to instruct guests "don't do something funny unless you want to do it four times." They'll pick up one girl and then suddenly three others are clamoring for a turn. Can you blame them for not wanting to miss out on the fun?
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MaryAnne said...

My kids are the same way!

I can click on that link and it goes directly to it - no cutting and pasting required. Good luck with the competition!

Writer Lady said...

I clicked on the link and it went there. Did you think you had to do it four times? Joking of course.

There will come a time in the girls lives when they'll want to be individuals. Then you won't have to worry so much about multiplying everything by four (except dinner and socks, of course).

Quadmama said...

And prom dresses, and homecoming dresses!
(As for the link, I don't know what's wrong on my end. Oh well. At least it's working for you all!)

reanbean said...

We deal with the "I want it too" way of thinking to. The worst is when one is lucky enough to get a kiss from the cat (where the cat sniffs his/her lips). I can almost never get the cat do to a repeat with the second kid and it doesn't end well.

Quadmama said...

We have a cat who is very wary of the girls. When he sticks around long enough to let one pet him, the others are devastated that they didn't get to pet him, too!

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