March 30, 2011

Foiled By Mother Nature

Last week was a beautiful week weather-wise. We rarely needed jackets and we managed to squeeze in some time outside. On Sunday we took the girls around the block on their bikes and it was quite chilly. Overnight it snowed. (Granted, the snow melted by mid-morning). Then it snowed again the next night (and melted pretty fast). Under normal circumstances I wouldn't complain. It's not unusual to have a spring blizzard here before being treated to delightful weather. Unfortunately, this week is spring break.
I had visions of spending lots of time outside this week, mainly to wear out  my girls. I thought we would take walks, play on our swing set, hit a park or two. Maybe even take a trip to the zoo. It's not that it's cold here. It's in the 50's, which isn't bad for March. But the wind is crazy. It's no more than a slight breeze, but it provides quite a chill. Being outside for extended periods isn't realistic, unless you want chapped hands and chapped cheeks.
Fortunately, I found some free programs at local libraries, so at least my girls have been entertained. Yesterday they went to a "music" class. They sang songs, jumped around and burned off some energy. Plus we capped off the night with "Movie Night" (Tangled!!! What a fun movie). Tomorrow we'll be heading to a similar music class at a different library. On Friday we may head to the local butterfly pavilion. It's not the spring break I envisioned, but we're still managing to have fun!


MaryAnne said...

What a shame the gorgeous weather couldn't coincide with spring break! It sounds like you've done a fabulous job of finding fun outings!

Quadmama said...

We also went to Target, Kohl's and Fantastic Sam's (so Roo could get a much needed haircut). I guess getting out of the house is a good thing, no matter where we go!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

My hubby's spring break is next week, and I sure am hoping we have some nice weather. We don't have any big plans, but we do need to do a little spring shopping one day; and I'm really hoping to anniversary our trip to the dairy barn from last year. I know the girls would delight to see the cows this year (and eat ice cream!). :)

Glad you're making the most of your week!

reanbean said...

It's so frustrating to have uncooperative weather, and I find spring to be such a tease with gorgeous days followed by days filled with snow and wind (our weather has been a lot like yours). I'm glad to hear that you're finding fun things to do during vacation week. Hopefully more sunny days are headed you way.

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