March 08, 2011

The Land of Lost Socks

I never really understood the jokes about lost socks in the laundry until I had children. I almost always wear white socks, so I don't even count mine or match them up (they're all the same) on laundry day. They simply go in my sock drawer. But my daughters have oodles of character, themed and holiday socks. I, in turn, have a pile of mismates.
I truly have no idea where many of the missing socks have gone. Tortilla tends to take her socks off in the middle of the night, so my first bet is to look in her bed. I may find a mate there. For whatever reason, my girls tend to take off their socks throughout the day, and those socks end up in a pile of toys. Hubby straightened out the toy area the other day and found several missing mates. However, I still have a handful of socks that do not have mates... and have not had them for months. I've looked under beds, under couches... I have no idea where they are.
There is an upside in all of this. You may remember last week I started making the thumb suckers wear socks on their hands at night to prevent further sucking. I don't have to worry about which socks to use because I can just grab one from the mismate pile!
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MaryAnne said...

I have loads of socks with missing mates, too. I wash them in a lingerie bag, so they aren't lost in the washer and dryer - it's somewhere in the house. Every once in a while I'll put a sheet on a bed and find a sock I missed in the corner, or one will fall out of a fleece top it was clinging to. We lost mittens this winter, too!

Holly Ann said...

And then the second I decide to get rid of those mismates, I find their matches.

Lauren said...

I move the washer and dryer some and always find a couple there if you have a (how to put this) less than 900$ dryer the dryer really can eat them and often you can find long lost mates under the barrel ( big cause of dryer fires)! Thats my " Ha I got you now" spot anyway.

reanbean said...

Fortunately, my guys are pretty good about keeping their socks on all day. We've only lost a handful in the last three years (knock on wood). I've heard of people say that the dryer can eat socks, especially little ones. So, I put the kids' socks in a garment bag when I wash them. I love that it keeps all the socks together, and it makes it easier to fold the rest of the load without having to keep separating out all the socks.

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