March 14, 2011

One Person's Trash....

This weekend marked the spring sale for my moms of multiples group. I always enjoy unloading some of my "stuff" while making a little money and helping the club, too. (A portion of each seller's proceeds goes to the club).
It's always interesting for me to see what sells and what doesn't. All my tricycles? Gone. My last remaining exersaucer? Gone. Four sets of adorable Disney Princess toddler bedding in excellent condition? Not a one sold. 
This is the first time I've actually had time to shop, too. I bought each of my girls a dress and some puzzles. We were a little bummed to find out one of the puzzles is missing two pieces, but we're making do.
I love that someone else does most of the work. All the sellers have to work a shift at the sale, which is exhausting, but someone else is in charge of renting the facility, organizing volunteers, etc. I may never have another yard sale of my own again!
The good news is we now have more room in the basement. That's a huge plus. Of course, the fall sale is just around the corner and once I clean out the closets and dressers I'll have plenty of clothes and toys to tag for that sale (sigh).


MaryAnne said...

My mother's club has a sale like this every year, but I don't think I own enough stuff that would actually sell to make up for the hours - probably because I get most of my kids' stuff as hand-me-downs or from sales like this! Mother of Multiple sales often have amazing finds, because parents have so many clothes that frequently only one child has worn! I'm learning more and more, though, that saving clothes for the next child doesn't always work. Emma and Lily look alike but have very different builds, so clothes that never fit Emma right are perfect for Lily - and clothes that were adorable on Emma don't fit Lily!

Good luck getting ready for the fall sale!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I'm getting ready for a consignment sale right now, too. It's so much work, but last season (my first to participate), I made over $100, which I thought was great. The girls have so many cute outfits - the majority are gifts from relatives - that are barely worn. I sell what I can, and then we have a couple of families that we pass things along to. I like knowing that their things get a new "home", either with someone I know, or someone who was willing to pay a little bit. HA!

I'm about halfway finished with my preparations. Next step is ironing, which I dread like the plague, but I tell myself it will be worthwhile. :)

Quadmama said...

I have lots of piles during my tagging process. I have a pile of stuff I'm going to sell, a pile for two friends with triplets and a pile of things to donate to a local agency. I tend to donate things that don't seem worth my time tagging (t-shirts, shorts) but they're all still in good condition.

Stephanie said...

I went to the MoM sale where my parents live and I was kind of disappointed. The sale was HUGE but there actually wasn't much "twin" stuff. My girls are still babies so I still dress them alike/coordinating. I'm not a member (there is no club where I live) so maybe the members that work the sale snatched up all the cute twin stuff first. I did get 3 summer outfits each that match. Anyway, I think I might just join the club where my parents live and then I can sell my own stuff and shop early and get the twin stuff.

Holly Ann said...

I'm that someone who does the rest of the legwork for my club this year as I am the current treasurer. :)

Our sale will be in April and I will be so happy when it's over! It's quite an undertaking.

Triple U said...

I purchased three of your 4th of July outfits for my girls!!

Kim said...

Grr! How lame that someone sold a puzzle with missing pieces! I sell my outgrown baby stuff via craigsllist, and definitely the bassinets, high chairs, stroller type items sell fast.

reanbean said...

I'm also in the process of collecting and tagging for our spring sale in April. It's amazing how much work it is, but I always find it worth it when the check comes. For our sale, we're required to work the entire sale- set up the night before and the day of, a station to man the entire sale, and clean up when it's all done. It's a huge time commitment, but we get to keep 90% of the money we bring in, so again, I find it totally worth it.

I work in the bedding section every sale, and it's really, really hard to move most of the inventory. Sleep sacks, swaddle blankets, hooded towels, and crib sheets seem to do okay, but the rest- not so much.

I hope you get a big, fat check for all your efforts! :o)

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