December 29, 2010

Taming the Clutter

One of my daughters' favorite activities is playing with dress up clothes. We have old Halloween costumes, as well as assorted princess dresses, shoes and accessories. We have been storing them in a small box, but when more dress up clothes showed up under the Christmas tree, Hubby and I knew it was time to take action.
After a little brain storming, Hubby came up with a great idea. He put a coat rack in our living room/play room. It has worked wonders. All the costumes go on the rack. All the shoes, purses, jewelry and other accessories go in the aforementioned box. 

It's a small step toward "decluttering" our house. My girls have been so excited by the coat rack that they've been much better at cleaning up. For now, it's still fun to hang things up. OK, so based on the picture, the rack is a tad cluttered, but at least the costumes aren't scattered around my house.It's only one little corner of my house that actually has some organization, but we have to start somewhere!
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Lauren said...

My girls love the costumes too. They come inside strip to the undies and the costumes come out.. I did the same thing with the coat rack. So far I am the only one who hangs the costumes on it. I have done everything short of building shelves in the closet to declutter but nothing works. However, I did discover that if I set the timer to 5 minutes and a ultimatum of "if the toys are out when the timer goes off, they are mine" they really work to put them away!

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