December 30, 2010

Jazz Hands

We've all worked with someone who is an expert at "Jazz Hands." My friend coined this phrase and I love it. It totally describes a manager I can't stand working with. He is great at making it look like he's working but really isn't doing much. He looks like he's busy on the computer but is really just answering personal email. He sounds like he's involved in a serious phone conversation, but he really just spent a half hour chatting with his wife. He's great at delegating, not supporting. 
I don't work retail because it's fun or even because I want to get out of the house. I work retail because it accommodates my crazy life. It is not my goal to work in retail management. If I wanted endless hours during the holidays I would still be in television news. I am not saying my job is beneath me. It provides me a pay check and a discount. But I bust my butt when I'm there and I expect a "thanks" every now and then, or at least a "hey, things were really crazy when you came in tonight. Thanks for doing what you could to restore order."
I'm just so tired of one particular manager treating all of us like dirt. I think he takes pleasure in making my female coworkers cry. At least I'm "older" (most of my coworkers are in their 20s) so I've been around enough to know what is acceptable and what is not. I'm not afraid to stand up for myself and point out when people are being treated poorly. He does the jazz hands, we do the work, he gets the credit. Can you tell I had a rough night at work last night?
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MaryAnne said...

I'm sorry. People like that drive me nuts. Hopefully somebody catches on to what he's doing soon...

Anonymous said...

With four little girls at home, I think I'd want a job that I enjoy and relaxes me. However, most jobs have at least one person that drives you nuts. I had a coworker I called "Perma Smile" and "The Teflon Man." No bad ever stuck to him, it just slid down to the workers below him. He wore suits the same color as the director and was like a salesman with his smiles. People under him hated him. People over him thought he was wonderful. It helped me to give him these private names. It reminded me that I knew his game.

Happy New Year. May that boss get transferred to the big blue yonder.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I'm laughing at your "Jazz Hands" comment...HA!!!

There are many things I miss about working, both the wonderful people I worked with, and the challenges of the job. But there are a few things I don't miss, and workplace drama is one of those. Hang in there, and leave it be as best you can at the end of the day.

Sadia said...

May he get what's coming to him. We had a similar manager, and a former manager got wind of it, raised a stink ... and the lazy guy got fired. Our knight in shining armour has since been hired as his replacement. :)

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