December 13, 2010

Board Games

My recent post about board games received some feedback, including questions about what games my daughters can comprehend. I thought I would share some of the games that seem to work for us.
Memory: They were able to start playing this around age 3. I rarely used the whole deck. I found our version at Pottery Barn. The cards are big (about the size of a coaster) and colorful.
Candy Land: This game took some time for them to understand. Still, it was a good way to work on recognizing colors.
Chutes and Ladders: We're still mastering this game. It's a little harder because they're still trying to figure out the concept of "sliding" and "climbing," so I haven't even started to tackle the lessons you learn along the way. (Good deeds get your closer to the end, naughty behavior means you have to slide back toward the beginning).
Yahtzee Jr.: We just started playing this game a few weeks ago. The scoring system is difficult for a five-year-old to comprehend. Unlike traditional Yahtzee, where each player strives to roll varied combinations, in this version once any player obtains a score no one else can receive that score. Since I don't make a big deal about scores anyway, this isn't a huge deal. They still enjoy trying to roll matching dice (should I be saying die? I can never remember) and counting the number of matches when they're done.
 We've attempted Operation, but it's still a little advanced for them. I wanted to buy them Perfection for Christmas, but Hubby vetoed that idea. He's right. They're probably not quite old enough for that game... and I'm not sure I'm ready to constantly hear the timer!


Sadia said...

I think I've mentioned this one, but Pretty Pretty Princess was a big hit at speech therapy. Santa may just be bringing it at Christmas. :)

Sadia said...

Oh, it's one die, two dice.

Quadmama said...

Yay! My sister might be buying Pretty Pretty Princess, so I'm glad to know it's a hit in your house.

MaryAnne said...

I have yet to get my kids interested in ANY board games. Memory, Candy Land...

reanbean said...

Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun! I have fond memories of playing board games with my mom when I was a kid. I'm looking forward to introducing Tiny and Buba to some of my old favorites once they're old enough.

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