November 15, 2010

The Sacrifices Finally Paid Off

About a year ago, we were struggling on the job front. Hubby's then-employer had forced numerous unpaid furloughs on employees. Then, in the final quarter the company decided that having employees take extra time off at the holidays wasn't a good idea. So the powers-that-be instituted a mandatory pay cut. Fortunately, Hubby found a new job. Unfortunately, while the job brought many perks (better pay, overtime opportunities, free cable, free internet), it also required Hubby to work nights and weekends. 
At first, the new schedule was kind of fun. Yes, five nights a week I tackle the nightly routine by myself, but once my girls are in bed, I can read, watch whatever movie I want (I think I watched The Proposal more times than I can count when it was offered On Demand.) or secretly indulge in reruns of The Jersey Shore. Plus, it was kind of nice (for awhile) that Hubby's days off fell during the week, rather than the weekend. Trips to the zoo, or anywhere else for that matter, were a lot less crowded.
Still, when you only see your husband two nights a week, the antics of Snooki and company quickly wear off. On Saturdays, I go to work long before the rest of the family is awake. I arrive back home about twenty minutes before Hubby needs to head out the door to work. It's basically enough time for me to get the rundown on whether the girls have misbehaved or been perfect angels all morning. On Mondays, I see my husband for ten minutes. I'm not joking. I typically get up and leave for work while Hubby is getting the girls ready for school, so I see him at home for about five minutes. I have to drive the "work" car, as we only have one vehicle that accommodates all four girls. Then, after driving the girls to school, Hubby swings by my work to switch cars because his work if a lot farther away and we don't want him driving our "family vehicle" that far. So as long as things are slow at work I can chat with him for about five more minutes. Then I see him again Tuesday morning.
But finally, FINALLY the last year of sacrificing our family time has paid off. Hubby just got a new job within his current company. He interviewed for the position three months ago, so we had pretty much given up hope on this ever coming through. Then last week, he got the call. The job is his. It's a Monday through Friday, "normal hours" type of job. I'll have to rearrange my work schedule and work two nights a week, but I would rather go two nights each week without seeing my husband, than five. He'll be home for dinner. He'll be home to help put the girls to bed. Every day they say "does Daddy have to go to work?" They (and I) will be thrilled to have him home more often.
The sacrifices were certainly our decision. We thought it was better to do this now, while the girls are still too young to be involved in after school activities, etc. We knew eventually the schedule would change for the better... thank goodness it happened sooner rather than later!


Sarah said...

That's great about his new job! My kids are always so disappointed when their dad isn't home for dinner, so I am glad your girls will have their daddy home with them in the evenings now!

Kimberly said...

Good news! Congrats!

Mrs. Werginz said...

YAY!! This is so awesome!!

MaryAnne said...

Hooray! And congratulations on the new job!

Stephanie Barr said...

Yay! What a challenge and kudos to you all for managing it so long!

I hope things continue to work toward the good.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Congrats to your hubby on his new position! I can only imagine how much easier - and more enjoyable - it will be to have two sets of hands for most of the day-to-day.

SLColman said...

That is so awesome about the new position!! I know the whole family is going to love it!!

reanbean said...

The new job sounds great! And such better hours than the old one. I never knew how nonconventional his work hours were before. Either I'm not reading very carefully, or you're really, really good at not complaining. :o)

We've also had to make some tough sacrifices since our duo came along. Sometimes, when things seem particularly tough, I have to refocus and remind myself why we made the choices we did and the fact that they are temporary. I'm amazed at how well you did with those old work hours for so long. Enjoy the new schedule!

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