November 09, 2010

Movie Night

When I went on my DST Rant yesterday, I touched on Movie Night. I instituted our first ever Movie Night in hopes of getting some extra sleep. It didn't work (the sleep, that is), but movie night was fun.
We watched How to Train Your Dragon. I had put my name on the wait list at our local library, so it took awhile to get the movie, but the timing was perfect. Now my girls can't wait to have another Movie Night.
The library has been a great resource of free movies. We've checked out other movies to watch during the day. I've given up using Red Box. Why pay $1 to return a movie the next day, when you can check out a movie from the library for free for a week? Hubby and I still use Netflix for ourselves in order to get new releases in a timely manner, but my girls don't know the difference.
We're patiently waiting for our next Movie Night. We are on the wait list for Ramona and Beezus, Toy Story 3, and Shrek Forever After. Between those movies and some of the movies we already own, our Movie Night lineup is set for a few weeks. I'm still trying to figure out, though, if it's the movie that has my girls excited or the prospect of eating popcorn right before bed!


MaryAnne said...

This is a cute tradition! Maybe we can let Emma stay up for movie night once a week with us =)

Quadmama said...

They weren't even up too late... but thought they were since it was dark out.

reanbean said...

I remember getting to stay up late to watch The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz when they were shown on television (not sure when we got our first VCR). I loved it! And the popcorn was a nice perk too. I'm pretty sure I didn't make it through either movie the first time I was allowed to watch, but it still felt very special to have been given the opportunity.

Losing My Lap said...

That sounds like fun! You are inspiring me to give it a try. {DST really is no fun. Mine was up at 4:45...seriously?}

Quadmama said...

4:45?! Yuck!

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