October 04, 2010

What Happened to September?

Time is going by too fast these days. I feel like just the other day I still had time to plan our mid-September 5th birthday. The celebration is long over and now I'm concentrating on Halloween.
Despite my best intentions to make our Halloween costumes, I broke down and bought them. I only had to buy two, so I felt justified in the purchase. Tortilla received a Sleeping Beauty dress for her birthday and wants to wear that for Halloween. Done. Cakes wants to be a ballerina, which I can easily put together from our gymnastics leotards and poufy skirts from a different costume. So, armed with my 30% off at Kohl's and my employee discount, I agreed to buy Roo a Minnie Mouse costume and Sue Sue a Tinkerbell costume. (Clearly there have been some changes since I last posted about Halloween, considering one of them originally wanted to be a pirate). I felt OK with the purchases, since they can be used for dress-up clothes when Halloween is over.
This weekend we'll be headed to the pumpkin patch for my mom's of multiples group's annual Halloween party. I told Hubby to get some rest this week, since last year the girls' each picked pumpkins that weighed a good 20 pounds. I tried to carry one back to the car and made it about 10 steps before giving up. At least we had lots of pumpkin seeds to roast after the pumpkin carving.
I'm hoping Hubby gets our Halloween decorations up soon. It's hard to get into a "festive fall mood" when I'm already seeing Christmas trees everywhere I turn!


Mrs. Werginz said...

Have so much fun at the pumpkin patch! That is cool about the group for mom's of multiples! I am like a kid myself and can't wait to go pick out a pumpkin and start carving!!

MaryAnne said...

I guess I should be grateful that when we do pumpkin picking my mother's club they take the kids to a patch full of tiny pumpkins!

I'm very impressed that you carve pumpkins with four five-year-olds! So far we've stuck to decorating pumpkins with paint/markers/stickers.

Kim said...

One of my girls wants to be a bat, as in a black winged BAT. Where she got that costume idea, I haven't a clue!

Christina said...

I'm kind of annoyed with the Christmas trees too...it's my favorite holiday, but they rush it every year!

PS-no your not sheltered, LOL. I had never heard of a "purse party" either! ;)

Quadmama said...

As far as pumpkin carving goes, we let them tell us what they want and they we (OK, Hubby) carves it.
As for the Christmas trees in stores... Hubby loves Halloween and wanted to start decorating last week. I told him to wait until October. His response was "Why? Christmas trees are already up!" Point taken.

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