October 17, 2010

Date Night

****I have no idea why, but this post never posted on Wednesday. And I was too busy to notice!
For the first time in eight months, Hubby and I have a date night tonight. I won't get into the reasons why it has taken eight months for us to go out because it will just reek of stress and drama. We are going out for his birthday, but I will be the one celebrating!
So, lest you think my marriage is in trouble. Hubby and I are, by nature, homebodies. Yes, we need date nights more often than every eight months, but we'll survive. We enjoy watching movies together. We have certain shows that we just HAVE to watch each week. (Right now our obsession is Eastbound & Down. It's hilarious). Still, it's going to be nice to get out and have an uninterrupted conversation!


MaryAnne said...

So, how was your date night?
We have mid-day dates by swapping babysitting with some friends, but between our schedule and theirs it's sometimes months before we get one of those. I AM planning on a date night while Mike's family is in town this month, though!

Quadmama said...

We had a nice, relaxing meal. Thanks for asking. We weren't out long, but it was nice to just get away. My birthday is next month, so hopefully we'll have another date night then!

reanbean said...

How nice! T and I are also huge homebodies. He has always been one, and I've become more of one since the kids came along. We did go out for lunch for our anniversary back in July, but that's only the second time we've gone out on a "date" since the kids were born. We also spend the very end our our nights together watching Netflix or shows on Hulu, but lately I've been feeling more strongly that we need to carve our some special time for just the two of us outside of our house. I'm hoping we'll get to do just that for my birthday in December if not before.

Quadmama said...

It's just plain hard to get out when you have kids... multiples or not. For us, a sitter is too huge an expense, which really limits our options. Thank goodness for Netflix and On Demand!

MultipleMum said...

I daren't ask who is brave enough to babysit your children? Glad your night was fun (saw from the comment above) and hope that the next one is sooner rather than later :)

Kim said...

We try on occasion to have a date night, and frankly it's more trouble than it's worth: trying to get a babysitter, reservations, the expense of it all, yada yada. I prefer to put the kids in their rooms early and have a movie night at home, too!

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