October 06, 2010

The Dynamics in Preschool

Yesterday I had the chance to volunteer in my daughters' preschool class. I like doing this every now and then to see what they're learning and how they're adjusting. It's fascinating to see how much they've changed.
Two years ago, my daughters began their preschool experience. They attended twice a week. They were the youngest and the smallest in their class. They didn't interact a lot with the other kids, simply because the other kids were bigger and played rougher. Last year they attended four days a week and started making friends beyond their "sister-circle." This year? They don't need one another at all. They sit with friends during circle time. They play with friends at recess. They don't care if they're not sitting next to one another at snack time. They pick different "creative centers." It's really nice to see them gain some independence from one another and know they'll be OK when I do separate them in school.
As I've mentioned, their class is made up mainly of girls. A few new students have joined the class and the ratio is now 13 girls and 3 boys. Since little girls are known for their dominating personalities, I wondered what recess would be like. For the most, they all got along. Sure, there's the girl who wants to be in charge and the girl who wants to pester everyone, but all in all they seemed to have fun playing together. All of them. The boys weren't as willing to engage with the girls, but when they did, it wasn't a big deal.
Next week I'll be attending parent-teacher conferences. It will be interesting to get the teacher's take on how my girls are doing. My personal opinion is that they're thriving and loving every minute of it. Now if I can just get that feeling to last through high school we'll be set!


Sadia said...

How cool! I see my kids interact with other children a lot, but I haven't had the opportunity to see them in their element in the classroom. My presence is just too much of a distraction!

However, their dance class has a one-way mirror, and it's been a joy to see how attentive they are ... and how Jessica flips out over her shoes with her teachers as well as me!

MaryAnne said...

How neat to see all four of them doing so well!

reanbean said...

Sounds like they've made really great progress, and how wonderful that they can each feel comfortable with a friend without a sister at her side. The drop-off playgroup my guys attend has a two way mirror at the door so I can peek in without being noticed. Sometimes my guys are together, but often they're in different corners of the room doing their own thing. It's nice to know that they're comfortable without the other right at his/her side.

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