January 18, 2010

You've Got to Have Friends

I think it's amazing how friendly bloggers can be. For many of us, we have never met one another. We may have seen pictures, perhaps even connected on Facebook, but, chances are the majority of us have never met our cyber-friends out in the real world.
Still, we're willing to go the distance to help out one another. Last month, when I blogged about my stress over our back ordered Pillow Pets, Stephanie B (of Rocket Scientist and Ask Me Anything) drove to her mall to figure out which Pillow Pets were in stock at the kiosk. Our Pillow Pets arrived on time, but the fact that Stephanie would do that was so nice. Then, about a week ago she offered to make jewelry for my daughters. She let them pick their colors and made sure their necklaces and bracelets weren't the same as their sisters'. You can click here to see her handiwork. Pretty cool. (Stephanie received an emailed photo of the girls wearing their new jewelry. They also insisted on wearing "pretty dresses" for the picture). My daughters are thrilled with their jewelry and have worn the pieces pretty much every waking moment.
When I blogged about ditching the potty chairs, I mentioned that I wanted step stools from IKEA (they're only $3.99 each!!) but didn't live near the store and the stools aren't available online. Sadia at Double the Fun and Twice the Confusion offered to buy the stools and ship them to me. My sister ended up doing that for us, but you never know when I may need to take Sadia up on her offer for other IKEA items.
My daughters and I have been in a slump lately. We just got over a round of illness in the house. We're all still adjusting to Hubby's new schedule (it changed just before Christmas and now he's not home very often for the nighttime routine). The kindness shown to us in recent weeks was the boost all of us needed to bring a smile to our faces and remind us that things are never as rough as they might appear. Thank you everyone who continues to offer support and encouragement when you read my posts. Hopefully I can "pay it forward."


Stephanie B said...

Very much my pleasure.

I was thrilled with their smiles.

reanbean said...

I do find that the blogosphere has opened up my world to a number of amazing (often faceless) friends. The support, advice, and comments all help me to know that my situations are not unique and we all go through the same ups and downs as we journey through parenthood.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love the generosity, the friendship, kindness, and the "pay it forward" culture of blogland!

Miss Behavin said...

What an endearing post! I feel truly blessed to have 'met' so many wonderful people who always appear with a shoulder, kind work, smile, and wisdom just when you need it most!

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