January 04, 2010

The Not-So-Fun Part of Bedtime

Bedtime with my daughters has always been fun for me. They're starting to wind down (most nights), they're sweet, they want lots of hugs. Unfortunately, learning to use the potty has made bedtime a frustrating event.
Here's what happens most nights: we go upstairs and, if it's not bath night, everyone changes into her pajamas. One at a time they'll go to the bathroom to brush their teeth. I always ask: Do you need to use the potty? With Tortilla and Cakes the answer will vary. If they've gone to the bathroom within the last hour then they're good for the night. Roo and Sue Sue give the same answer each night: No. It doesn't matter if it has been five hours since they used the toilet, they don't want to go right before bedtime. Why? Because the rule is simple: you must stay in your bed unless you need to go potty.
I've tried to force them on the toilet at bedtime. Doesn't work. I've threatened to simply let them wet the bed. Still doesn't work (and quite frankly I don't want to deal with the extra laundry). So here's what happens.... the second I turn the light out Sue Sue says she needs to go potty. Well if she gets to go then you can bet Roo is going to want to go, too. For awhile I simply went downstairs and let them do their thing. Big mistake. It turned into a half hour of Roo and Sue Sue running up and down the hall.
So here is our new bedtime routine: They brush their teeth. I turn out the light. Then I immediately ask Sue Sue if she needs to go potty. She does. Then Roo takes her turn. Then I stay in their room a few minutes to make sure they've settled down. It seems to be working... for now. I'm just wondering what the next excuse will be to get out of bed.


Stephanie B said...

Get Duck tape.

Just kidding.

Stephanie B said...

I was kidding really. Both of my girls, I could lay down and they would sleep like angels. My son, well, one can't "put him down" - he must put himself down. Fortunately, he loves school and puts himself down, generally, about nine. Once we realized that, he put himself to bed quite well.

Unfortunately, with four the same age, that isn't going to help you at all.

Christina said...

We'll probably be dealing with that too..sounds like something Alex would do. I dread PT.

maryanne said...

The joys of potty training... this is one reason I'm in no hurry to get Emma out of pull-ups at nighttime.

Quadmama said...

I love the fact that they're potty trained. Our Sam's Club bill is so small now and we don't have to go very often any more. A big room change is coming soon and this could solve some of the issues (more on that later).

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