January 12, 2010

Staying Home from School

When one of my daughters is sick, I really have to think and figure out who is staying home from school. At the beginning of a sickness I'll typically keep everyone home, at least for a day. The last thing I need is a phone call asking me to pick up another sick child. But as the sickness progresses, things can be tricky.
Last week I kept everyone home on Thursday. Roo had been up several times throughout the night and we were all exhausted. There's no preschool on Friday, so I figured we would have a nice long weekend to recover. By Monday morning it was clear everyone but Cakes was ready to go back to school. I knew Cakes still wasn't feeling great when she didn't protest about staying home. But last night she made it clear that she was going to school the next day. Works for me.
Unfortunately, Tortilla decided to have a relapse and was up a few times during the night. She is now sitting on the couch trying to munch on crackers while her sisters are at school.
My main belief is that it's not fair on various levels to keep everyone home if not everyone is sick. School is still fun in our house. No one is trying to play hooky. They love being around other kids, playing on the play ground, having a snack... preschool is a dream come true. I'm hoping by tomorrow all four of my daughters will be back to fighting form and ready for school.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I hope everyone is healthy soon - and stays that way for a while!

Quadmama said...

We're getting there, slowly but surely.

Stephanie B said...

Poor babies.

I'm almost done. Just one more set to do. I'll put up pictures on my blog when I'm done and try to get them out sooner than I normally do.

(I still haven't sent those tarot cards to my sister, but, then, she knows how slow I am. I do better for wee ones. I promise.)

Quadmama said...

It's funny, though, because to see Cakes today you wouldn't guess that she was sick yesterday. I'm waiting for her to crash this afternoon.

reanbean said...

Oh my goodness. I can only imagine what life with four sick children must be like. I know how crazy and exhausted I get with just two sick kiddos. Hopefully, by now, that bug is gone for good.

Quadmama said...

Everyone seems to be healthy again... thank goodness!

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