May 21, 2009

Jon and Kate: The Backlash

We live in a culture where reality stars are elevated to celebrity status simply for being on TV. An unknown rocker-wannabe can become a household name in a matter of weeks. So I guess it should come as no surprise to me that a couple raising twins and sextuplets can have their marriage dissected in public.
Don't get me wrong... Jon and Kate Gosselin agreed to put their lives out there. By the time
Jon and Kate Plus 8 went on the air, the Gosselins had to know they would be given the same celebrity status as most other reality show participants. Their every action is criticized or praised... but they allowed the cameras in their home, so I would hope they thought this through.
They have certainly had a good ride. The show, along with its undisclosed salary as well as speaking gigs, book deals, etc, has allowed the couple to not work outside the home and instead focus on their children. In a recent article, Jon pointed out that because of the show they're able to start saving for their childrens' college education. They also receive some products as a result of product placement during the show. For the record, Hubby and I have had opportunities to audition for similar shows, but chose not to. I am not judging the Gosselins for doing their show. But now it seems Reality has become blurred with reality.
Suddenly, everyone from the media to the people reading gossip mags in the grocery checkout lane want this marriage to fall apart. On the message boards I've read numerous comments with people saying they wouldn't blame Jon for cheating based on Kate's personality. On
Entertainment Tonight yesterday their "evidence" of a rift was that Jon and Kate do individual interviews for their show now. Jon and Kate may be unscripted, but it is a show. In other words, it's not just the family involved in this. There are producers, directors, camera operators... people who know what sells. People who could be making suggestions, such as "let's do one-on-one interviews tonight" and then selling it as a "rift" to the media. They're taping the next season and look at the hype it's receiving.
I hate to go here, but I wonder how much of this backlash is a response to "octomom." She seems to have disappeared, or is at least less visible. Now we have a couple who seemed on top of the world for awhile, so let's bring them back to reality. For the sake of the children involved, I hope Jon and Kate can figure out a way to resolve
whatever is going on in private so they can get back to entertaining us with Reality.


The Mother said...

Not being a reality-TV devotee, I haven't seen the show. I only know what I read in mom blogs.

But I sincerely hope that this couple patches things up, for the sake of their 8 kids.

If they find it hard to manage together (and I can certainly understand how they would--gosh), how much more difficult would it be separately?

Quadmama said...

I can understand them going their separate ways if that's what's best, but I can't imagine how overwhelming it would be to raise multiples solo. I know there are people who do for various reasons/circumstances so it can be done, but it's nice to have a partner in all of this chaos.

Kristi said...

It would be a shame if this couple split up, although, at this point it would not surprise me either. I find their show not really about them and their life anymore, it's more about what sells and makes money. Unfortunately, at this time, what sells is scandal and the producers/executives are definitely cashing in on that.

Quadmama said...

I think the show started with good intentions... what it's like to raise multiples... but things got sidetracked when the money started rolling in.

Stephanie Manner Wagner said...

I agree with you on your thoughts about things getting sidetracked in regards to Jon & Kate, sidetracked from the original intent of the show and the original intent of the couple for that matter.

I actually made a post today before reading yours, on Kate's quote about the divorce rate being higher for parents of multiples. In Summary, I can't help but think it is more about the divorce rate for celeb couples that is working against them at this point.

I too hope they work it out and can return to their own state of "normal".

Quadmama said...

I keep hearing this quote kicked around ever since the show aired, but so far haven't seen hard facts to back it up.

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