August 01, 2011

Slightly Panicked

On Friday I took my daughters shopping for school supplies. Somehow, we managed to come in under $100, if you don't count back packs and lunch bags. Kindergarten school supplies are fairly basic: markers, water colors, 96 #2 pencils. Yes, 96. (OK, 24 per student, so 96 for our family). I will count myself lucky for finding the supplies at a relatively decent total price, because I'm sure next year the list will be more specific and cost much more.
Then on Friday night I received an email from the school. The first day of kindergarten has changed. Changed. CHANGED! It is now five days earlier than we originally planned.
I could go on a big rant about the principal and say things such as "How dare he?!" But the truth is, I completely understand why he made the change (even if it would have been better to have made the change at the end of the previous school year). Traditionally, full day kindergarten, half day kindergarten and preschool start on the same day. This causes what I like to call "parking lot chaos" at our school. The parking lot is small, which makes sense since elementary kids can't drive. This is all fine, until there's a big day at the school: parties, field days, and the first and last day of school. The road in front of the school turns into a make shift parking area, and this is not a road full of cautious drivers. Anyone without a student speeds through the school zone, regardless of the signs posted. It's not unusual for a police officer with a radar to be situated in front of the school during the first few weeks.
Anyway, the first day of kindergarten has been changed in order to stagger the start dates for full day, half day and preschool. I'm on board with change because of the parking lot situation and because instead of starting on a Monday we will now start on a Wednesday. This means my girls will spend three full days in kindergarten, then have a weekend and then embark on a full week of full day school.
Unfortunately, I'm now in slight panic mode. Hubby and I are now frantically trying to reschedule vacation days to accommodate the new first day rather than the old first day. Our summer break has now been cut by five days, not a huge deal, but takes away our last few days at the pool. Oh and did I mention that by the time you read this I will have just 16 days to get us ready to go back to school?! Yes, I'm slightly panicked.


MaryAnne said...

I'm very impressed you kept it under $100! I'm wondering when our school intends to release supply lists. They seem very disorganized that way. At least I only have to shop for one child!

Our school staggers kindergarten start day even though it is just two classes, to make it less overwhelming for the kids. I appreciate that.

Good luck getting everything ready for school! We have until September, fortunately. Especially since it's pretty hot out and our elementary school is not air conditioned.

Holly Ann said...

Way to go keeping it all within budget! And if it makes you feel any better, I am not slightly panicked...I am totally panicked! I not only have to prepare my own kids for their very first experience with school, but also set up a brand new classroom at a brand new school in a brand new grade level. Yes, I am completely. freaked. out. People tell you stories about kids being nervous on the first day of school. If only they knew how nervous the teachers were! lol

reanbean said...

Whoa- your school year is coming up fast! We still have another 3-4 weeks of vacation before public schools start up here, and Tiny and Buba don't have their first day of preschool until September 9th.

Hopefully you've found a way to make it all work. Can't wait to hear how the first day goes for all of you!

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