August 03, 2011

The Eating Habits of Little Girls

Several times at the grocery store, as I fill my cart with 4 or 5 gallons of milk, I've been stopped by another shopper who says "Oh, you must have teenage boys." "No," I'll say, "Just quadruplet girls who can't stop eating." We all know the stereotype about teenage boys. Supposedly they eat their parents out of house and home. I'm beginning to think the same is true for girls between the ages of four and... I'll let you know when it stops.
I can always tell when my girls are going through growth spurts. They simply can't get enough to eat. They used to eat three chicken nuggets, a serving of vegetables, maybe some mashed potatoes and feel stuffed. Now they can eat six nuggets, vegetables, two servings of potatoes, drink all their milk and still want more. (I don't know about you, but I don't know if I could eat that much in one sitting and not feel ready to explode). Our monthly visits to Sam's Club have turned into every 2 to 3 week visits. I'm constantly looking for sales on what they eat most, but our refrigerator is always stuffed, rarely giving me the opportunity to stock up.
And so, after much discussion, over the weekend we became a two fridge family. This has actually been a long time coming. Soon after our daughters were born, we knew we would need either a deep freezer or another refrigerator. Eventually, we decided the deep freezer wasn't the best idea, since both our freezer and our fridge are stuffed to the gills after our weekly shopping trips. We've been putting it off, but once I realized I didn't have enough room to store four lunch boxes each night, we decided it was time to make the plunge. (I will be working in the morning after dropping my girls off at kindergarten, so lunches have to be made the night before. There's no way I can get all five us ready each morning and make them a decent lunch to take to school).
We initially looked at putting our current fridge in the garage and upgrading to a nicer one, but the one we have is still in good shape. Since we were purchasing a "garage fridge" we actually found a decent deal. It's pretty spacious in both the freezer and the fridge and will definitely come in handy. Now I'm off to the grocery store to fill it up!


MaryAnne said...

Both my girls eat more than Johnny right now!

Teenage boys are something else. My then-17yo brother came to stay with us two summers ago. Our grocery bill DOUBLED.

Enjoy having two fridges! I would love a second fridge, but I don't know where in our house we would put it!

reanbean said...

I am so envious. I would love a second refrigerator, but we just don't have the space. Our fridge and freezer are always packed to the max, and we now have to shop every single week to keep up with all the groceries needed for meals. Good thing my kids like going to the grocery store! :o)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We just bought a new refrigerator, too. Ours was about 12 years old, and although we weren't having trouble with it, we knew we could get one that had larger capacity and was more energy-efficient. I try to cook most of our meals from scratch, and I cook ahead for the week when I can, so it was important to me to maximize the refrigerator space...the freezer isn't that important to me. I'm still getting used to having less space for condiments in the door, but I'm loving the additional storage room on the shelves.

We did buy a small refrigerator (like for a dorm room) to go in our mudroom. We're keeping drinks in there, and that has helped free up more refrigerator space. Sadly, although we have a two-car garage, it's tiny...there's no way we could fit our old 'fridge in there.

I wonder if refrigerators are on the list of stuff to consider when you start having kiddos? ;) It's definitely a must-have on my list!

[By the way, I just started reading In Stitches last night. So far, I'm really enjoying it!]

Quadmama said...

While I haven't done it during the summer, I definitely try to cook meals from scratch and freeze them. It makes meal time so much easier. I'll be getting back into that routine when the girls go back to school, since I'll be working during the day. So glad to have the extra space now! Oh, and small garages were a deal breaker when we bought this house. Our Suburban takes up a lot of room, so we had to make sure we could truly fit two cars in the garage. We lucked out... we have a two car garage and there's still space for "things" (tools, lawn mower, a second fridge!)

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