August 08, 2011

Our Grocery Game

For whatever reason, it has become easier to take all four of my girls to the grocery store, rather than wait for Hubby to come home and go by myself. This is not something I would have tried a year or so ago, but my girls have been surprisingly well behaved on all of our recent grocery outings. They do, however, seem to think we should buy everything in the bakery and in the cookie aisle. To avoid the "can we buy this?" conundrum, we've started playing a new "game." Every week we make it our mission to find a fruit we've never tried. 
It all started a few weeks ago when the price of blueberries was ridiculous. My girls were disappointed that we weren't going to buy one of their favorite fruits, so when I saw star fruit, I appeased them with that. They were hooked and have been looking forward to finding a new fruit each week.
So far we've tried:
Star fruit - they all liked it
Kiwi - they all liked it (they've had kiwi in fruit salads before, but it was fun for them to see what the fruit looks like in its skin)
Apricot - only two liked this
Pineapple - they all liked it (they've had pineapple, but this was the first time they've had a whole pineapple)
Papaya - no one really cared for this. I tried it and wasn't impressed. I may not have bought a ripe one.
This little experiment of ours has been fun for all of us, but a bit of a challenge, too. My web searches lately have consisted of "How to cut (insert fruit here)." Surprisingly, out of all the new things we've tried, the whole pineapple has been one of the easiest to peel and cut.
As the summer winds down, our fruit selections are going to be limited. I just don't know that we would have the same outcome trying different vegetables, so I'm thinking once a week we'll have to find a new recipe to try. It should be fun to see what they come up with.


hsvihl said...

That is a cute little game to play. My son loves to help shop. When we shop I usually allow him to pick up the things we need and put them in the cart.

Quadmama said...

I do that, too, but really have to monitor what goes in the cart or we'll end up with way too many boxes of cereal!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I think that's a fantastic idea! It gets your girls involved in the shopping and gets them excited about trying new things. I love the recipe idea, too!

MaryAnne said...

This is a great idea! I hope the recipe plan works, too!

reanbean said...

What a great idea! I was so surprised to hear that pineapple was the easiest to peel. I never buy a whole pineapple because it just looks like it would be a hassle to cut into.

I'm going to be so sad in a few weeks when some of our favorite fresh fruits disappear, and the price of others goes way up again.

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