June 28, 2011

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

For months now, each of my daughters has been convinced she has a loose tooth. From time to time they have even convinced me they have a loose tooth. It seems like it might be moving. Then Hubby all but rolls his eyes and concludes the tooth is not loose. As I found out the other night, you'll know when your child has a loose tooth.
I floss the girls' teeth every other night. If you are able to floss your child's teeth every single day, then go ahead and judge me for only doing it every other day. The nightly routine is chaotic enough. I'm surprised we stick to the every other night flossing. Besides, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I flossed as a child. Anyway..... I was flossing Roo's teeth and kept looking at one of her front bottom teeth. Why was there suddenly a strange gap between that tooth and the tooth next to it? Oh no... are we going to have to go in for an emergency dental appointment? I touched the tooth with the flosser. It moved. Yep. Our first loose tooth. We had to halt the tooth flossing and brushing so she could wiggle the tooth for her sisters and Hubby. Hubby, of course, did not believe us, until he wiggled the tooth for himself. 
He and I agreed... that tooth is likely coming out in the next week. This sent me into a panic. When he and I went downstairs I threw $10 at him, with strict instructions to go to bank the next day and get gold $1 coins. I've been meaning to do this, but kept putting it off. Can you imagine what would happen if the Tooth Fairy dropped the ball on our first tooth?! And yes, I said $1. I think for my first ever visit from the Tooth Fairy I received a silver dollar. After that, teeth were probably worth 25 cents. Do not tell my daughters there are children out there who receive $5 or even $10 per tooth. We would be in the poor house!!! This Tooth Fairy hands out $1 gold coins.
And now we wait. Every morning we wiggle Roo's tooth. She's a little concerned about when it might fall out. I've assured her it won't come out in the pool or while she sleeps. I've explained to her that it might fall out when she's eating, so if she bites something hard she should spit it out. That's all we need... for her to swallow her first loose tooth! So far, none of her sisters are jealous. Sure, they want to know when they will have a loose tooth. But for now they're content to be excited for their sister.


MaryAnne said...

That's so sweet that they are excited with her!

And I LOVE the idea of giving a gold $1 coin for each tooth! You just solved my tooth fairy dilemma, thank you!

reanbean said...

That's so exciting! And I too LOVE the idea of giving gold $1 coins. I haven't seen them in so long. Hopefully our bank will have a good supply of them when my kids start losing teeth.


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