June 08, 2011

A Glimpse at My Teenage Daughters

Yesterday we spent a long afternoon at the pool. Hubby even got off work early and had time to join us. Once he arrived, he took the girls one by one to the deep end so they could jump in and practice swimming to him. Tortilla wanted turn after turn after turn. 
Once we were back at the house, everyone changed and I passed out popsicles. When she was finished, Tortilla wanted the TV on. I refused. I suggested she find a book or build something with Megablocks. She started crying. Then, right when I was ready to tell her to stop crying she looked at me and said "If you're not going to turn on the TV, I'm going to go cry in my room." Fine by me!
She stomped up the steps. About five minutes passed and I needed to take laundry upstairs. Tortilla was sound asleep in her bed. All that swimming wore her out.
Once Tortilla came downstairs, she was all smiles and in a much better mood. Hubby said "So, were you really mad at Mommy for not turning on the TV, or was that just your excuse to go upstairs and take a nap?" A sly smile crossed her face. I'm in big trouble in about ten more years!


hsvihl said...

That is a cute story. My 3 year old did something similar yesterday after we spent some time in our pool. I could tell he was getting tired so I proceeded to put him down for his nap. He kept telling me he wasn't tired, but no sooner did I lay him on the bed did he fall asleep and slept for about 2 1/2 - 3 hours.

Quadmama said...

It's pretty funny when they try to fight it.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Even though it sounds like it was a bit of a battle to get there, at least she ultimately knew what she needed. :)

I think you've posted on this before, but there is a tiny part of me that is looking forward to the girls sleeping later when they're much older. I say a "tiny part" because I don't want to wish away their babyhood, but I occasionally envy my girlfriend, whose boys are 9 and 11, who has to wrangle them out of bed on Saturday mornings. :)

Quadmama said...

I'm definitely looking forward to my girls embracing the concept of sleeping in. Or maybe I'll just need to wear them out at the pool every day and we can ALL take naps!

MaryAnne said...

You WILL be busy in ten years! And so will I - this sounds like something Emma would do!

That's really cool that your girls can swim well enough to jump into the deep end and swim to their dad!

Christina said...

Haha! I can't wait til mine go up and take a nap on their own! ;)

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