June 27, 2011

What Can 5-year-olds Watch?

While I try not to have the TV on all the time, there are times when my daughters do watch television. In the summer it's not on very often because we're out enjoying the parks, pools and even just our own back yard. But some days, after all the running around, we only have the energy to come home, sit on the couch and watch some TV. The problem, though, is that right now my girls are either too old or too young for what's being offered.
Dora, Elmo, Backyardigans, Yo Gabba Gabba... we've out grown them. Their lessons are great, but I think my daughters have finally figured out that they need to share and they shouldn't bite their friends. Hannah Montana and all her Disney cohorts are something I just don't think we're ready for. Do 5-year-olds need to watch shows that have plot lines centered around dating? Forget Spongebob. I don't like him and we don't watch it. Ever.
PBS has the most educational offerings and even its animated shows tend to go beyond the preschool crowd. Arther and Cyberchase come to mind as two shows that are still suitable for the kindergarten crowd. Long before we had cable we only used an antenna, so PBS was our only option. I think that's why my girls tend to overlook those shows.
Fortunately, being "in between" shows, means my girls are engaging in more creative play. Right now the TV is off and they've created an "animal city" out of blocks and bricks. It has kept them entertained for the last hour.


MaryAnne said...

Their animal city sounds great!

Emma is a huge fan of "Wild Kratts" on PBS at the moment, as well as "Liberty Kids" on Netflix although we don't watch much at all at the moment!

Holly Ann said...

I like Wild Kratts too. Magic School Bus is good for the early elementary kids as well, but we have to get the DVDs from the library. Oh, and I'm with you on SpongeBob - hate it.

Lauren said...

My girls are completely into Holly Hobbie and the Cat in the Hat and Barbie of course. I tunred off the Noggin. I was so tired of seeing the same shows over and over. Had I known they would have watched PBS for kids I would have turned Noggin off years ago!

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