June 23, 2011

When a Quadruplet Gets to Be a "Normal" Kid

This month, I've had the time to participate in some of the activities offered by my moms of multiples group. It's been a lot of fun seeing my girls interact with other multiples (mostly triplets) and even more fun when they get to just be kids and not "The Quads."
The camping trip we went on earlier this month was organized by my moms of multiples group. It's the first activity we've done with the group where my girls are old enough to understand "triplets, quadruplets, etc." and where they've been old enough to not be shy. They had a blast playing with their new friends and it was so nice to not have to constantly answer the "Are they quadruplets?" question. I mean when you're running around with 21 triplets, no one really cares if you're a quadruplet!
Yesterday we went to the zoo with my moms of multiples group. I think we ended up with about 21 kids. Normally a zoo outing for our family ends with me wanting to tell people "It's the animals who are on display, not us." (Yes, most people are just curious and kind, but it's hard not to get frustrated when you're simply trying to enjoy the day). Yesterday, we just looked like one of the day care groups spending the day at the zoo. We barely turned heads, except for the one mom with her young triplets in a triple stroller. I'm sure she still endured her fair share of comments.
Now, of course, my daughters want to know why they can't see their new triplet friends every day. I guess I need to start arranging some play dates!


MaryAnne said...

How nice that you have a community like this!

I don't know what it's like to be a quadruplet, but I remember feeling annoyed when we moved to a new school and the teacher would call my name and then say, "Oh, you're from that big family, aren't you!"

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I am not originally from this area, having moved here with my job eight years ago. I worked right up until the girls were born, and all my friends in town were either "work" friends or neighbors. I didn't meet any "mom" friends until the girls were close to a year old...when I started working with another MoM to start a Mothers of Multiples group.

That said, basically all my "mom" friends here in town are MoMs...so our girls don't actually know any singletons! HA! One day they'll have to learn that not everyone is born with a partner in crime (or two)! :)

Quadmama said...

I can only imagine how obnoxious that must have been!

Triple U said...

We had a such a great time!! I didn't even feel like I got all that many comments about the stroller (or maybe I just didn't hear them). It was nice to be in the big group. I loved how your one daughter (I do know her name, but I won't post it here - the one with the glasses) was so inquisitive about my girls. I really enjoyed talking to her. She's very outgoing. Your other girls were very sweet as well!

Quadmama said...

I was telling Hubby last night about how she was so excited to be around your girls. I guess she's the "motherly" one! She was still talking about all three of your girls by name this morning.

Holly Ann said...

I know that we get our fair share of comments on outings so I can only imagine how that might be multiplied for families with higher-order multiples. I'm so glad you got to have some nice time out with other MOMs and their families. :)

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