February 24, 2011

Who Was Here First? (A History Lesson)

Before school this morning, my girls had an interesting and fairly amusing conversation.
  • Cakes: "Who was here first? Oh wait, I know, the leprechauns."
  • Tortilla: "No, it was Santa."
  • Sue Sue: "No, it was just other people."
  • Roo: "Yeah, other people who didn't have enough money and had to find a new house to live in." (Oops, our talk about why Mommy and Daddy work may have gone a tad too far).
  • Cakes: "No, no, remember, we learned this in school. The Indians were the first people to live here."
  • Tortilla: "Oh yeah. With the people who wore those tall hats with buckles."
  • Sue Sue: "I'm telling you, it was just people."
  • Roo: "Yeah, let's just say other people."


MaryAnne said...

I love Sue Sue's "It was just people". Don't you wish you could see what is really going on in their heads when they discuss things like this?

Writer Lady said...

I like Sue Sue's comment too. It's interesting that they do have a concept of people living there before they did.

Sadia said...

It's so good to know that other mothers live in a similar world to mine. :)

I LOVE this conversation.

Sarah said...

Very cute! I love listening to kids' conversations.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

This is great! I remember being devastated when my grandfather corrected me at about age seven. I had the Indians and Pilgrims and Christopher Columbus all mixed up. I love that your girls are considering Santa and leprechauns, too....HA!

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