February 28, 2011

All It Took Was a Steamer

My daughters aren't the pickiest eaters in the world. Usually they'll try something at least once. Even Sue Sue, who used to make herself gag if you gave her new foods, has gamely adhered to my "one bite" rule. Still, making sure my girls eat enough veggies is a battle.
Hubby and I are trying to eat better (meaning no more processed food... or at least a lot less of it). To fulfill that goal, we purchased a vegetable steamer. It's been a great addition to our kitchen. We use it all the time. Last week one of my daughters expressed interest in trying some steamed vegetables. The next night I steamed broccoli and made a cheese sauce. They gobbled it up... and asked for seconds! A few nights later I decided to steam asparagus for them.... same results!
I am convinced that as long as it comes out of the steamer, they will eat it. I'm now trying to figure out what other vegetables to steam and experiment with. Cheese sauce and a steamer... a small price to pay to get my girls to eat veggies.


MaryAnne said...

So cool! I need to give cheese sauce a try!

Holly Ann said...

Oh man, I wish that was all it took for my daughter!

reanbean said...

Whatever it takes, right? I've found that if I make a vegetable but don't give them any, they'll immediately want some as soon as they see me eating it. And if I tell them they can't have any because it's all for me, they'll eat any amount I give them and then ask for more. The game we play... :o)

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