February 07, 2011

Remember the Post About the Concussion?

Last week I wrote a post about Sue Sue's "concussion." If you'll remember, she was acting lethargic and had a bruise on her forehead. Turned out she's just a Drama Queen, because a little later she was running around with her sisters, acting like she didn't have a care in the world. Then, on Friday, that post came back to bite me in the (fill in the blank).
My daughters have reached an age where I can take a shower without fearing for their lives. At least that's what I thought. For some reason, on this particular Friday, I decided to leave the bathroom door cracked. Usually I shut it, since I take fairly quick showers. I only linger under the scorching water if Hubby is home or the girls are at school. Right before I turned off the water I heard Cakes yelling for me. What now?! I got out of the shower, dried off, wrapped myself in a towel and went to the top of the steps. Cakes said Sue Sue had fallen and "hurt herself." I told Sue Sue to come to the steps. She was whimpering and said she had fallen and hit her head. She said she was OK, so I dried my hair. 
When I came downstairs, I saw Sue Sue from across the room. The first words out of my mouth were "Holy crap!" (This led Cakes to ask "What's a holy crap?" My response: "It's naughty. Don't say it.") From across the room I could see a huge goose egg on Sue Sue's forehead. I put ice on it. The swelling didn't really go down. Apparently the girls were playing "The Three Little Pigs" and Sue Sue (a pig) fell while being chased by the wolf (Roo). She managed to hit her head on the corner of the couch (the part near the floor). Call it the equivalent of the perfect storm. She hit the couch just "right" and ended up with the aforementioned goose egg plus a scrape. So my Friday was spent monitoring her for signs of a concussion. The swelling has gone down, but a gigantic bruise remains. That will teach me to blog about non-existent concussions!


Lauren said...

Yikes! Did she get a CT scan?

Quadmama said...

No. Now you have me a little concerned.

Suzy said...

Poor Sue-Sue!! Have you ever tried putting VapoRub on head bumps? It really keeps most of them from turning into goose eggs! Not sure it would work on one bad enough to cause a concussion, though ... :(

Lauren said...

If you haven't and Im sure you have, I would place that dreaded call one more time to the doctor to see what he or she would recomend.
And thats just to be on the safe side.
Children are great at compensating but when they decompensate they crash quickly and internal bleeds are typically slow with children so they compensate for a long time days even before they show signs.

MaryAnne said...

How scary! I hope she's okay, and that you don't have any more falls!!!

Cookie said...

yikes! Even now (my kids are 7 and 8) I'm still afraid to take a shower when it's just myself and the kids home.

Holly Ann said...

Awww...poor Sue Sue. I hope she's feeling better now.
Once when I was young, my dad thought it would be funny to step out of the way when I ran to hug him one evening. I tripped and my head crashed into the leg of one of the sharp, wooden kitchen chair legs. It hurt quite a bit, but I survived. :)

reanbean said...

So sorry to hear about Sue Sue's injury. It's always scary when things like that happen. Tiny once got a head injury right at bedtime and I had to rouse her every 60 minutes or so to make sure she was okay. I was a wreck all night.

Buba is currently in a climb and jump phase, so I'm just waiting for a major injury to happen. I stop him as often as I can, but punishments seem to have no impact on his decision to try again later. I'm praying this phase will be short-lived.

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