February 01, 2011

How Did I Live Without It?

For many people, technology is addictive. They just can't figure out how they lived with out their IPhone, Blackberry, etc. I felt that way for awhile, but when Hubby and I cut costs, one of the first things we did was ditch the cell phones. It's very liberating. We can be out of the house without people bugging us. We do have one shared cell phone, which Hubby's parents pay for because it was just $10 a month to add a line to their plan.
So I'm not a technology junkie. I would love an IPhone, but I can certainly live without it. What I have learned in the last few weeks that I can't live without is my sewing kit. Yes, my sewing kit.
Ever since we moved, I have been looking for the darn thing. We found it once, but when I needed it, I couldn't remember where I put it for "safekeeping." So for years I have been searching boxes and closets, trying to figure out where I put it.
A few weeks ago I decided I wouldn't give up until I found it. Interestingly enough, it only took me a five minutes to find it. My girls were delighted when I triumphantly brought my sewing kit downstairs. Then they proceeded to pile any and every toy that needed mending on the coffee table. That day I repaired a princess costume, a pillow pet, a pillow, a heffalump and a hat. Since then I've been finding odds and ends that need mending.

As crazy as it sounds, it's wonderful to have my sewing kit back. It's also nice that the girls are no longer telling people "(fill in the blank) has a hole in it and Mommy can't fix it." Guess I should have put more effort into finding the sewing kit a lot sooner!


Joy said...

Your Grandmother Palmer would hide Christmas gifts in safe hiding places. When Christmas rolled around she couldn't find them .So you were likely to get part of your Christmas gifts in Feb, Mar, etc.when she came across them.

Lauren said...

I love it! I never remember these days where i put stuff for "safekeeping" either. And when i finally bought superglue a pile of things appeared for me to fix too!

Suzy said...

The question still remains: Where was it hiding??? :)

Quadmama said...

It was in a box (we have way too many boxes that have still not been unpacked... who has the time). I thought the box contained something else, which is why I had not looked in it!

Stephanie Barr said...

You just have one? I have more than that just on my desk.

MaryAnne said...

I am always putting things in "safe" places and losing them - drives me nuts!

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