January 25, 2011

Putting It In Perspective

Sometimes it takes something sad to remind me how fortunate I am. Yesterday was one of those days. I was having a bad day. It's not necessary to go into details. Little things were bothering me. Then when I picked my daughters up from school I quickly remembered why it's important to blow off the small stuff.
As my daughters left school, Roo's speech therapist approached me and apologized for not working with her that day. Apparently the therapist had spent the morning calling parents to let them know a preschooler had died over the weekend. In that instant, I forgot about my "troubles."
The young boy was not in my daughters' class, nor do we know him, but it still hit home. Apparently he had a "medical condition." It's not my business so I didn't ask more questions. Counselors were going to be at the school in the afternoon (he was an afternoon student) to talk with his classmates and their parents.
The thing that really struck a chord with me is that this boy was a twin. All day long I thought about his family: his brother who likely had a close bond with him; his parents who will always celebrate his birthday and it will surely be bittersweet to only have one of their sons around. 
I can't imagine the pain. Nor can I imagine what the teachers and counselors are able to say to such young children to bring them comfort and quash their fears. My thoughts are certainly with this family right now.


MaryAnne said...

So sad - and a painful reminder of how fragile life is.

Stephanie Barr said...

There are certain things I'm selfish enough to hope I never know what it feels like. Losing a child is one of them.

I can't think of anyone doing so, and I see your point on the twin, without crying.

Mrs. Werginz said...

I just said a prayer for that family. I can't imagine or even try to imagine that kind of loss. I hope you are feeling better too...it is things like this that remind us we are fortunate and to be thankful for what we have. Sadly, It also brings hard times as you try to process their grief and what they are going through.

Anonymous said...

Ahh! You can't help but identify with the mother. Losing a child is devastating. It even hurts when you just hear about it.

reanbean said...

So heartbreaking. I'll keep that family my my thoughts and prayers as well.

Meg said...

That's just so terrible. I'll keep them in my prayers. The twin thing strikes a big chord with me, too.

Lauren said...

One of the most difficult cardiac arrests i have ever run on as a paramedic and mommy of twins was a 4 year old twin. This hit me harder than the other pediatric arrests. If that wasnt bad enough 2 years down the road i ran a call on the mother and surviving twin. The mother remembered me before i knew who she was. I couldnt help but cry after i left the scene. Cried for the lonely twin who stood close to her mother missing her other half, cried for the mother who was now lost in a world of grief and drugs and cried for the lost twin who for as long as my memory serves me will never be forgotten

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