January 17, 2011

The Blankie Dilemma

Three of my daughters love their blankies. Interestingly, they are the same three who suck their thumbs. They need their blankies at bed time. They need their blankies when they're tired. They need their blankies when they are sad. One blankie, though, is on the verge of disintegrating. 
You think I'm joking? Tortilla has started this bad habit of chewing on her blankie. Not just nibbling a little corner but putting a huge chunk in her mouth and gnawing on it. 
Initially, we all treated it as a joke. "Ewwww... get this wet blankie off me!" No one wanted to be near Tortilla's blankie. Unfortunately, this bad habit is destroying her blankie. It's full of holes and it's becoming frayed. 
Yesterday, I pointed out to Tortilla how terrible her blankie looks. I gave it a hot, hot "bath," trimmed it the best I could and gave her strict instructions not to chew it. It was hard for her. She really wanted the blankie in her mouth. It's a cotton blanket, so I'm not sure I can mend it too much. Hubby suggested sewing a border on it, but because of the material I think a border will pull in the wash and ruin it more. For now, the frayed edges have been trimmed, but it's still a "holey" mess. Let's hope she values the blankie enough to give up the chewing habit or I'm afraid this blankie will soon be a goner.


MaryAnne said...

Do you know anyone with a serger? Maybe they could serge the edges? Or you could just stitch a zig zag stitch to keep it from fraying more? Good luck with the rapidly-fraying blanket!

And thanks for voting for me!!!

Sarah said...

My twins have a serious obsession with their loveys. Keira's is a taggie blanket that MIL mdae, so that could be replaced. However, Colin has latched on to one specific Gerber burp cloth that he calls his lovey (for the record - it was never used for it's original purpose). Of course it was made when my oldest was born, so the style/color is discontinued and he refuses any other color/design of burp cloth. I have no idea what we are going to do as it falls apart.

Sadia said...

I was a blankie kid, and mine had crazy frayed corners. My sister had a hankie she adored, and we stashed identical ones away to serve as replacements for loss and gross ones. She stuck hers up her nose, so gross happened FAST.

Jessie still has her original blankie, and fortunately, she's gentle with it. All she does is stroke the border stitching.

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