January 11, 2011

The First Body Piercing

Well, I did it. Actually, I should say Roo did it. She is now the proud wearer of pierced earrings. If you'll recall, I'm desperate. The other three suck their thumbs and I've stooped to bribery (which is not something I'm against). I told them if they stop sucking their thumbs, they can get their ears pierced. Since Roo never sucked her thumb, she asked every day if it was time to get her ears pierced.
Sunday was the day. I called the closest chain-store that pierces ears (if you think about it, you'll figure out what store I went to). I made sure the store had two certified piercers working so both ears could be pierced at the same time. Then Hubby, Roo and I made the trek over. I made the other girls go to grandma's because I really wanted to play up the whole "specialness" of this event. 
Roo smiled the whole way there, but didn't say much. She refused to talk to the two employees at the store. (For the record, this store employs "young" workers, but they were kind and professional through the entire experience). 
The piercing "guns" aren't the staple gun sized contraptions I remember being pierced with. They were small and didn't make a "popping" sound. They counted to three... I didn't even realize it was over! Roo didn't flinch and didn't shed a tear. (It helped that I popped a lollipop in her mouth as soon as it was over). 
She's very proud of herself and has been very careful with her earrings. She doesn't let anyone touch them unless we're cleaning them and she helps me mark off the calendar each day so we know how often to clean them.

For those who have asked why I'm concerned about the thumb sucking: I've never believed sucking thumbs causes crooked teeth. However, according to our dentist it can change the shape of one's palette. It elongates the roof of the mouth and causes "crowding of the teeth." We already know all four girls will need braces (yes, even non-thumb sucking Roo), but we're trying to avoid the palette cracking contraption Hubby had to wear. It goes in the roof of your mouth and you have to turn a "key" every day to separate your palette. I'm dizzy just thinking about it.
As for the others? They're trying, they really are. The problem with their thumb sucking is that it's a "comfort" thing. They ONLY do it when they're tired. However, I noticed Sue Sue no longer sucks her thumb in her sleep... could she be the next to get pierced? And for the record, any piercings beyond their ears will have to be paid for out of their own pockets!


MaryAnne said...

Congratulations to Roo! I hope you conquer the thumb-sucking soon!

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