September 13, 2010

What is it With Dogs?

Why does it seem every child at some point in his or her life asks for a dog? I remember wanting a dog growing up. My parents eventually got two... when I was in my 20's and no longer living with them. Interesting because they always told me a dog would bother their allergies. Hmmmmmm....
Now, here I am, faced with four girls who want a puppy. Not a dog, a puppy. It doesn't help that pretty much all of our neighbors have a dog (or two). They feel like I'm depriving them by not giving them a puppy.
It doesn't matter that we have three cats. At least one of the cats would be delighted if the girls played with him every single day... and rubbed his belly often... and kept his food dish full. Unfortunately, he gets a little excited and will accidentally scratch them when he's having too much fun, so the girls aren't as excited about having a cat as they should be. (This winter, though, they'll be glad to have cats when the boys are keeping their feet warm!)
Still, they want a puppy. They want to take him on a walk. They want to play fetch with him. Of course, when I asked who will clean up the poo in the back yard, the answer is "You" (as in me!) No thanks. They want all the fun, but don't understand the work.
I'm slowly convincing them a dog isn't the best pet for our family. Tortilla is starting to realize she doesn't want a puppy. Instead, she wants a hamster. Ummmmm... no.


MaryAnne said...

My kids want a dog too - but only for a few minutes every day. I'm hoping my parents magically move down the street from us with their dog... (chances of that happening are about one in a million, but it would be cool).

MultipleMum said...

Good luck with that! We used to have a dog, until the twins came along. We gave her to Grandpa (who loves her more than we ever could). Two years on and my nearly four year old says the other day "I want a dog. When is Ruby coming back?" Argh! I am not a dog person and have been enjoying a backyard without holes or 'landmines'! A hamster might go okay though?

Quadmama said...

The landmines are one of the main reasons we are dogless. I just don't want to walk through my back yard and worry about stepping in stuff. As for a hamster... our cats would love it LOL!

reanbean said...

I always wanted a dog as a kid and swore I would get one the second I had my own place. But once I was old enough and independent enough to get one for myself, I had much more of an understanding of what a huge responsibility it was to be a dog owner and got a cat instead.

Our kids love dogs, and although they haven't asked for one yet, I know the day is coming. And the answer will be no. :o)

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