August 16, 2010

Julia Roberts and I Think Alike

I can't believe summer is coming to an end. It feels like it just started. Where I live, school ends mid-May and resumes in August. Fortunately, preschool doesn't start until the end of the month... some schools in this area were back in session the first week! Anyway, we've packed our summer with plenty of trips to the pool. The past few days have been cool, so we haven't been swimming, but I'm hoping for a few more trips before Labor Day.
I recently read an interview with Julia Roberts. She was promoting her new movie and talked about what it was like having her family with her while she was on location. One thing really stood out. She mentioned how hot it was and said she and her family spent their free time in the pool. Then she said something along the lines of "It's a maternal triumph that no one ended up with a sunburn or green hair." Amen, sister!
I slathered these girls in sunscreen all summer long. Two of them ended up with a minor sunburn at the beginning of the summer, but that was before I wised up and spread the sunscreen under their bathing suit straps. Hey, we've all got to learn somewhere. It was a minor redness and gone in a day, so I still count that as a triumph.
As for the green hair... I don't know how we avoided it. These girls go blonde in the sun. They naturally have a dark blonde color, which tends to go 20 shades lighter if you just say the word sunshine. One of my neighbors mentioned that her daughter's hair turned green in our neighborhood pool last year, so I spent this summer being very diligent about keeping the green at bay. Fortunately, Suave has an inexpensive "swimmer's shampoo" for kids. We used that any time after a dip in the pool.
Of course, summer isn't over, yet. Even though school starts in a week, we still have time to enjoy the outdoors and the pool... so we'll still be slathering on sunscreen and scrubbing the chlorine out of our hair!


Sadia said...

I have a confession. We haven't been to the pool even once this summer. The sun here is so strong that we get tan lines within minutes despite SPF 70 sunscreen and our naturally dark skin.

I'm glad you've been having such a good time, though.

Quadmama said...

I have to be pretty diligent with the sunscreen. We typically only stay 45 minutes to an hour... any longer and I reapply.

MaryAnne said...

I'm very impressed - and great tip to put the sunscreen under the swimsuit straps!

Quadmama said...

It only took me one slight burn to figure out that trick!

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