July 28, 2010

Putting it in Perspective

At the end of each month, I always wonder how things went by so fast. Then I took at look at our calendar:It's not that we are overbooked... it's just that we always have something going on. Sue Sue has physical therapy, I have to work, all the girls have swim lessons, we have a birthday party to attend... the list goes on and on. If you look closely, some days are crossed out... but that's only because other things came up that interfered with our original plans.
Next month doesn't appear to be as booked... but appearances can be deceiving. While many days don't have anything written on them, they're still busy because preschool will be starting again soon.
I'm just glad that even though our calendar is chock full of plans, many of them have been fun activities: a mini-vacation, a trip to a new park... we may have had to "book" them on the calendar, but at least that meant we actually did them!


MaryAnne said...

This has been my first "busy" summer. It's mostly fun stuff, but I'm almost relieved that the kids are sick this week so we can stay home and slow down a bit!

Quadmama said...

I'm not necessarily looking forward to the beginning of school because it cuts doesn on what we can do... but I'm ready for the break!

reanbean said...

This has been our busiest summer yet. With all the extra tutoring hours I picked up, plus all the kids appointments and activities, every day feels like a marathon (and these sick days have felt more like double marathons). Next month is just as busy, but so far, September is pretty bare. Of course, then we'll go crazy from having so much free time! :o)

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